20 November 2013

Prosperous Nov: Winter came early to Seoul this year!

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

OMG! I can't help but to be uber excited upon seeing the picture of the first snow in Seoul; posted by Banana Backpackers in their facebook page. 
Senior from highschool pun tau kechentaan aku sama South Korea. She will be departing for The States early next month. And guess what? One of the reason, mau lepak at the very cafe Kim Tan lepak in Los Angeles. Mau strolling at the very beach where The Heirs was filmed. *tarik rambut* Tekanan aku!
White winter...ada orang cakap winter represents gloominess. But for me, it symbolized serenity. Tenang jak hati. Gitu! Padahal baru sejuk sikit sudah membebel macam itik!
Funny thing was minutes after I shared the picture, I received super bonus questions in my inbox. "Where are u now?" "U're in Seoul & u didn't even bother to tell me" "Hello, balik kampung jumpa mentua diam2 lah sekarang kan". 

My lovely friends! They never failed to amused me whenever they switched their "stalker" mode on. Just like what I always do to them from times to times. 

I'm still breathing the Kota Kinabalu air at this very moment-lah! Semester break hasn't started. Cuti pun aku ndak da.

My flight would be a day after the Christmas. No worries, I will definitely 'brag' about my departure even before boarding. Say like; snap gambar boarding pass & upload di instagram-linked-to-facebook! Fuh, sungguh haru perangai. I can't wait!!!


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12 hollered!:

SuRayA^i. said...

awal kan snow this year!
jealous sgt tgk pic kwn sy dkt korea post ada snow bagai ni T__T
but then, tetibe tringat that i'm not a coldness-tolerate person. tsk


Kan? Bernanah mata tengok sume all white pictures tu. Regardless of me yang cant stand coldness as well, I love winter still. Even before xpenah experience winter...tengok gambar sume season pun tetaplah juga winter I fall in love with. Xsedar diri yang kulit cepat kering. Sob.

DJ said...

yeayyy suka jugak!hahahaha nak berwinter sonata!

SuRayA^i. said...

hehe..make sure u bring hand cream wherever u go during ur trip nnt!


Yeah. Jom lah kita berdoa semoga snowfall tiba waktu kita kat sana.


Thanks for the reminder. Selalu lupa nak bawa, tinggal kat hostel. Or worst xbawa langsung. Reason to shop kat Etude lah kot kalau xbawa from Msia. Ahaks.

Fina Sophie said...

ohmy. husband would love this. not because of the winter. but the coldness. sampai makan nasi putih pun mesti mau nasi sejuk! haha..

anyway hi bibie. tengah google2 pasal info g uss and stumbled here. am sabahan too. baru menjebakkan diri berjalan2 keluar dari mlysia.

one crazy thought. blh join ka lain kali ikut jalan2? hahaha ;)


Hi Fina!!

Wah if makan nasi pun mau sejuk, he must have love coldness so much. Pas sudah untuk main snow buntang2.

Siok eh jumpa fellow Sabahan blogger. Thanks for reading. Ala me too baru menjebakkan diri keluar dari Msia. Yang penting, the first steps we made.

Eh mari2 join. Would love to tambah more kawan bila berjalan2.

Fina Sophie said...

hihi hi bibie! rasa macam mau kasi habis baca semua entry sebab i really love the fact that u share ur experience so differently. i love the idea travelly without tourguide. i think that the real adventure. i want to see the outside world.. :* seriously mau huhu..

seoul in korea ka tu yang kamu mention as ur second city?

Fina Sophie said...

i know i am a stranger and this is a bit awkward thing to ask but let me know if there's one day u are free to have one extra company.. wud love to :*


Hihi aku share sesuka jiwa raga jak ni. Travelling without guide memang best. Dapat test sikit skill of survival kita bila di tempat asing. Bah cepat ko start, a journey start with the first step orang bilang. Aku ni pun baru2 jak start, kalau baca blog lain lagi bikin berdarah mata. Jeles.

Yup, itulah my second hometown. Pandai2 kan iktiraf sendiri.


People said...a friend was once a stranger Fina. Insha Allah kalau ada trip akan datang, will let u know. Kita exercise kaki bersama.

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