30 October 2013

Prosperous Oct: Be Grateful, already!

This morning, I had a chat with two of my workers while they were busy cleaning the office.

Me: So, how much have u save ur salary so far?

Miss A: I gave all to my mom & she helped me bank in the money to my account.

Me: Great. But if u give her all, what's left for u to spend? Say like u wanna buy reload for ur phone, or ice cream etc.

Miss A: My mom will give me when I asked from her.

Me: And u, Miss B?

Miss B: *looked at me with teary eyes & her lips trembled* My aunty took all my salary.

Me: Ouh I forgot u live with ur aunt. Sorry for asking, but where is ur parents? 

---I dare not to look her straight to the eyes...I got emotional too easy---

Miss B: They passed away when I was still little. My sister used to take care of us but when she got married, she moved to Lahad Datu & stays with her in laws. Ever since then my younger sister & I live with my aunty. 

Me: I see. She took all ur salary? That's what u said just now, right?

Miss B: Yup. She took all & only gave me RM2 daily. For the bus fare.

Me: So she keeps ur money just like what Miss A mom does.

Miss B: No. The RM 2 daily is considered my salary.

Me: What?? I don't think ur salary is as little as that. Where is the rest? Do u have any saving account or anything?

Miss B: I don't have. My aunty said, she wants to buy gold. 

Me: For u?

Miss B: No, for her. 

Me: The other day u borrow money, was that for her?

Miss B: Yup, she asked me to borrow from the company because she wants to used the money to buy things. 

Me: What the hantu?? She thinks this company runs some sort of money lending service? Next time, I won't let u borrow anymore.

Miss B: If I don't get the money, she will kick me out from the house.

Me: *holll* As if making u work & taking ur money aren't enough. She even makes u do the housecores. 

---Speechless! I never thought this kinda thing occurred in real life!--

How could a woman does such thing to an orphan when she is a mother herself. For God sake that poor kids are her sister's daughters; her nieces. Her own flesh & blood! Wasn't it her responsibility to take care of them? 


Listening stories from my workers made me realize how fortunate my life is. Yet, the one who is always gripe about life is none other than Yours Truly. Not them. Dasar minta makan kaki!

Be grateful please Bie, before Allah tarik balik semua nikmat yang Dia bagi sama kau!



8 hollered!:

Jari Manis said...

Ishh...ada jugak mak yg mcm tu kan..alhamdulillah kita dpt mak dan bonda yg baik hati...sgt simpati sama Miss A

Ernie Khairina said...

mcm cerita drama, betul2 ada.
tidak rasa berdosa ka makan duit anak yatim? bagus ko simpanlah gaji tu budak bos


Miss A ok lagi mak dia simpankan dalam acc, Miss B ni langsung xnampak batang hidung balance gaji.Memang sometimes dia belikan baju tapi xdelah setiap bulan.

Alhamdulillah, our lives far much better.


Kajutan saya masa dia cakap. Mau beli emas?? Dia duduk di ruma diam2 ah, trus dia rasa tu duit is hers sebab dia jaga tu budak2?

Now saya simpan half gaji dia tu. Kalau kena tanya saya suruh dia cakap dia pinjam beli aiskrim ka apa di cafe. Sob.

syieda said...

siannya miss B..
ingatkan cerita cinderella je cenggitu.


Tulah kan. Memang xsanggup tengok muka dia bercerita. Kesian sangat, diorang dua beradik seriously teraniaya.

SuRayA^i. said...

my pay check is not that big and sometimes i did feel yg it's unfair like that.
but this people and others yg lg unfortunate put me back on the ground and taught me that i shud be grateful. ;')

and i really x sangke these days ade lg org yg sanggup aniaya anak yatim macam tu..


This people tend to leave me dumbfounded of what life really are; most of the times. Imagine je, dapat elaun rm20 pun dah happy giler. Endlessly thanked me etc. Little thing for us but means the world to them.

Kan? She is a happy herself. Xtakut ke nanti orang buat kat anak dia pula. Sob.

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