16 October 2013

Prosperous Oct: Salam Aidiladha & Restoran Makanan Sedap, Lintas

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

Eid al-Adha greetings to all my Muslim sisters & brothers. Let us ponder the true meaning of sacrifice. It's not only about eid sacrifice that symbolized Abraham's willingness to sacrifice his only son, Ismail as an act of submission to Allah's command & Ismail's acceptance to being sacrificed; rather it's more than that. Sacrifice itself represents thousands of meanings.

Last year, I did something I never thought I could be able to handle. Alhamdulillah, up to this moment never once had I regret the decision I made. I don't know what kind of sacrifice I will do this year as I haven't sacrifice any as far as I'm concerned. We'll see about it. Akan buat post mortem hujung tahun; insha Allah.

Anyway, we celebrated the eid at Aunty's in Putatan last year. This year, no open house to attend. So Bunda & I decided to have luncheon at one of the restaurant near home. It's been there for years, many friends recommended the place but I only got the chance to dine just this afternoon. 

Where we had our brunch today. Restoran Masakan Sedap; situated along Jalan Lintas, Luyang. It is somewhere near the Hilltop area. 
Been long recommended by my dearest friend IjaLyn. They were quite surprise when I told them I didn't know the whereabouts of this shop considering it's just 5-minutes driving from my house. 

Breakfast at this restaurant starts at 1030a. 
Doubtful no more. This time JJCM didn't give the small plaque anymore. Instead, they have this huge & easily spotted sticker pasted on the glass near the entrance. 
Cili potong or lada potong as we Sabahan called it. Benda wajib kena served before the orders arrive.
Yeah, I heard u. Tembolok gajah. Perut masing2 ada dinosaur this morning. Ni pun nasib baik ndak order sup, ok! I ordered the smallest portion & those are small; according to them. We couldn't finish all the food so we tapau the leftover. Kenyang sampai malam. Alhamdulillah.

The dishes above + 2 bowls of rice + 1 hot drink + 1 cold drink = RM 99.05. My verdict. Clean environment, great service, good food. But I still prefer the Yam Ring served at Thien Thien, Putatan Branch. Their filling is daebak! 

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8 hollered!:

Jari Manis said...

Selamat hari raya Qurban buat Bibi dan Bonda ye..


Salam Aidiladha buat JM & family juga. Banyak dapat daging korban? Mesti meriah kat sana kan.

Anonymous said...

punyaaaaaa pindik ni post ko...anti climax butul oh.. hahahha-grungesuperbadasscute


Apa kunun anti climax. Budus tu komen.

Anonymous said...

gantung ba ayat ko... not so you...hahahha-grungesuperbadasscute


Gantung ka. Habis sudah pasal makanan bah. Hahaha.

Malicious Mind said...

alamak. aku x puas hati u upload gambar sedap2 ni. kin jealous!


Maaaaaaf puan. Xpa, ko bole masak juga sana tu. Dekat kedai si Sharif kan. Hahaha suka2 kasi nama.

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