14 June 2013

Prosperous June: Last year; today...

Assalamualaikum. 안녕!

I planned to post an entry on the 11th to commemorate the so-called one year anniversary of my solo trip to Europe last year. But that plan went down to the drain as I was in a pretty pathetic situation last Tues. Did posted an entry the day after but that post mentioned nothing about the common reminiscing phrase

"Last year on this very day...

A year has passed by. Up to this moment I still couldn't believe that I finally have my wishlist on places I want to go; checked. What makes it more wonderful is that I fulfilled one of my grandest dream before I entered the big-three-zero zone. Using my own pocket money; but few parts sponsored by Bunda & the boss of course. *grin* Double joyousness for I went there while the bestie was still there.

That trip has too many wonderful moments I couldn't express them in words. I learned loads of things; be it prior or after the trip. And starting from that solo adventure too, I became obsessed in making my own itinerary.

Nowadays, I prefer doing everything from scratch. I enjoyed doing the whole process so much few friends requested my help to draft their itinerary as well. I made a treaty with myself that any travels in the future will have nothing to do with tour agent. There are thousand of bloggers out there that travel by this method. Hence I personally think their experiences & tips will be of great help for me to draft my own.

~ June 2012: London-Paris-Amsterdam ~ Alhamdulillah.

Can't wait for next week's trip with my girlfriends. Flashpacking trip it will be. My second attempt travelling in group, with a DIY itinerary. First time was during the Bali trip with my uni friends back in 2010. Insha Allah thing will go as planned. Even if it skidded, I will cherish the moment still. For it definitely is one of the many lessons & memories I gained throughout my travel.

p/s Some bugs were heard talking that solo trip of mine is nothing extravagant if to be compared with those who already walked around the globe. But hey, that is already big enough an achievement for me. My personal achievement it is. So if u're gonna say something like "Alah baru berjalan few countries kot...tapi sudah gebang lebih."; I wholeheartedly invite you to make your way out of this page. Thanks. *end of DramaQueen mode*


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4 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

fewiitt.. i bangga ngan u


BibiErr Karim said...

Fewit. U are of course one of my main backbone. Pencetus semangat. My forever pom2 girl, yeah. Sifu buat jadual kan kau. Hihi.

Malicious Mind said...

looking forward to see more of your journeys in the future!

BibiErr Karim said...

Your journey too. Cant wait for ur stories in the UK. 3 very challenging roles; a wife, mother & student.

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