17 April 2013

Buang Tabiat: Misi 10 Hari

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Alhamdulillah. I have secured a seat with AirAsiaX this evening. So much of planning for a family vacation I ended up being the only one(??) with a confirmed flight. This is what I dislike about online payment. Now, to whose shoulder should I put the blame on? Grrr. I pray hard there will be another promotion by the airline in the near future.

The fare now varies few hundreds from the fare that I paid. Late by only 20 minutes & the fare rocketed. Too much difference; Bunda & her sisters quickly waved the "Hold the purchase" flag. And that means the cousins are forced to agree as well.

The ticker says another 8 months before the winter trip...hence I will patiently wait for them to get their flight tickets. Dear AAx, please hold another promotion. Or just reduce the price in  few months from now.

It's rather devastating if I still have to go alone although I have been singing the words "another solo trip" quite a lot recently. We have planned to have this trip since last year thus the reason why I feel a bit regret if it didn't sail as planned. Phew...frustration phase it is at the moment.

To this I will let time decide. I have two more trips to focus on before I welcome December with a headache. Come to think of it; perhaps it's about time for me to wander alone again?? I was suppose to have my second solo trip to that country this June but three of the girlfriends decided to tagged along. As much as I long for my Me Moment, I know another ladies trip would be of great idea.

Experiencing the snowfall has always been in my wishlist. But playing the snow alone ain't fun at all. Yes? It never crossed my demented mind to experience winter alone. 혼자? Really NOT intriguing at all!

Yet, if all else fails I might then have to make myself ready with what Ms M told me just now.

Mulakan misi 10 hari mencari cinta di sana! Eh?

p/s Paling gila kalau bercutian secara solo di musim sejuk...paling susah mau selca ok. Tangan menggigil tu mau ambil gambar sendiri. Huuuuuuhuuuu.


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4 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

cisss...selca juga yg di pentingkan..lol-grungesuperbadasscute

Lily Riani said...

thanks for dropping by my blog :)

I plan on Goa & Kerela this December :| mari kite jalan ramai2. ehhehhe...

BibiErr Karim said...

Itu paling tahap dewa penting. Main snow sendiri? Big L la di dahi. Huhuhu.

BibiErr Karim said...

Dah lama singgah but baru ni je berani nak komen. Thanks for dropping by too!

Bestnya Goa. Another Unesco site! December tulah gi Busan. Tabahkan diri berwinter secara solo. Hihi.

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