10 March 2013

CutiCuti: Singapore Day 2 - Sultan Mosque, Bugis Street & Merlion Park

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Our second day in Singapore...also the last day before we departed for Johor that evening. The night before, Bunda told us to check out at 10a because she needed more time to rest. So we resumed our sweet dream after Subuh prayer. And woke up nearly 9a. Gedebuk gedebak; we check-out from the hotel half past 10a. Thirty minutes off-schedule. Kunun!

Hailed a taxi near the hotel to Muscat Street. Or if the taxi driver doesn't know where it is; just mention Sultan Mosque. Make sure the driver used the fare meter. But worry not lah, in Singapore semua taxi memang jujur dengan meter. 
Main reason to go there...mencemar tekak di Restoran Makan Minang; situated just next to the Sultan Mosque. This corner restaurant is quite famous among tourist for their delicious Minang (Indonesian) food. A friend of mine recommended this place & were told to give it's well-known nasi lemak a try. Alas, we came late. A group of twenty people came earlier than us; borong habis nasi lemak di situ. 
Alang2 sampai, harus mencemar tekak. The dishes for lunch sudah terhidang; all look scrumptious. Laju jak perut aku berkeriut. Macam mau aku baham semua.

Sultan Mosque situated across this restaurant. Makan dengan penuh selera...facing this view. So peaceful.

Singapore is really a clean city. Even the mosque's ablution-toilet area is super clean. And dry! Aku masuk tanpa rasa geli; unlike most of the mosque's toilets back home. Harus aku berjungkit, jari geli2.

Singapore Zam Zam famous for their murtabak spotted at the North Bridge. Turn left from here to Bugis Street.
Walked to the infamous Bugis Street. It was merely 5 minutes walking from the restaurant.
It's been my wish to take & have this picture...selalu tengok gambar orang jak, aku pun harus mau ada simpanan sendiri kan.
I don't really fancy the idea to shop till I drop during any of my trips...but I have to admit, it was quite a regret for this trip. With not much $ in hands; I could only cuci mata along the alleys. Managed to grabbed some souvenirs for cousins & friends. Nothing for myself! Boohoo.
Bugis Junction; currently undergoing renovation at some area situated opposite Bugis Street. We took the train to Raffles Place from Bugis. 
Out from the train in Raffles Place station, we followed the signboard heading to Six Battery Road. Where we took a short walk to Merlion Park! Mesti singgah sini kalau datang Singapore. Landmark paling represent the country.
From Raffles Place station to Merlion Park
1. Follow the Battery Road sign on the road. 
2. Make sure the Bank of China building is on ur left side. U could see the Singapore river further ahead.
3. The Fullerton hotel opposite the Bank of China. 
4. Walk ahead & take the stair down on ur left when u see this signboard.
Travelator for the underpass path. Convenience enough. It's air-conditioned too. 
Less than 5 minutes of walking underground...tadaaaaaaa! Terkedu sebentar sebab ndak sangka sampai! Finally, sudah print tapak kaki di Merlion Park. 
After sixteen years, I'm back. Overlooking the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, Art Science Museum & Esplanade Theatres. 

Mother-Daughter sun-burning ourselves for the sake of Merlion Park. Poyo gila.
Before heading to Orchard Road, we went to the place behind Fullerton hotel. Singapore river.
Cavenagh Bridge

Super cute cats' statues near the bridge. Kena cari significant between cats & the bridge. Ouh, immediately rindu the Children back home.
Ahli rombongan. Before we left for Orchard. 

We stopped at Orchard Road from Raffles Place. Cari kedai makan di Foodcourt, ION tapi semua ndak memenuhi citarasa. Walked to Wisma Atria; masih ndak da berkenan. Masa tu aku memang sumpah seranah diri sendiri. Apahal lupa yang Ayam Penyet Ria tu di Lucky Plaza. I tried to recall the location of the restaurant but to no avail. Panas & berpeluh itik memang faktor utama kotak memori aku super lembabs that day. 

We were supposed to walk around Chinatown; cuci mata. Tapi ahli lain sudah ndak larat berjalan. Masing2 mengangkut backpack super berat. And aku hampa! Ndak pa, next time aku explore sendiri; I slowly calmed myself.
Hence we decided to proceed to Kranji station instead. Mentekedarah di Johor jaklah. From Kranji, we took the Causeway Link-CW1 bus to Larkin Terminal, Johor.

**For the public transportation; the bus won't wait for u at each immigration buildings. But u can ride any CW1 bus from the parking bay provided u keep the bus ticket. No ticket means u have to pay once more**

Luckily for us, traffic was smooth. We arrived Larkin less than 20 minutes. Then we took a super mencekik darah taxi to Tune Hotel, Danga Bay. All the drivers refused to use the meter. Memang hangin. Ni lah kalau Malaysian; ambil kesempatan sepanjang masa. Hisap darah sampai kering! Tiba2 emo sebab geram.
Checked-in. Siap itu ini & off we went out for dinner at 7 Spice. Located less than 100 metres from the hotel...superwalkertapaki ke sini. Lapar gila.
Opted for an Indian dishes for dinner. It was on Bunda. Wooot!! Malam tidur awal. Perlu cas tenaga for tomorrow's activity. Sempat lagi tawaf the city of Johor Bahru as our flight will be at 1800. 
Entered the well developed & super clean country on the 23rd...and left the next day. Bila lagi akan kembali...insya Allah.


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N.Aima K said...

apa kata nnt aku print je lah post ni ha ha ha ha...neway thnk u..ni karangan english mmg dpt A..sebab betul2 kasi tnjk jalan yah..

BibiErr Karim said...

Hahaha mau print ah. Kawan aku bah ni suruh kasi details kunun, dia mau pigi juga nanti. Ni bukan karangan English, ni rojak Manglish sudah.

Anonymous said...

apa tu CW1 and i didnt saw that colorful stairs a! d mana tu?-grungesuperbadass

BibiErr Karim said...

Stand for CauseWay Link bus. Tapi memang depan bas dia tulis d board CW1. Ada juga dia kestau tu Larkin-Kranji.

Tu tangga in between those white buildings in the pic above the tangga pic. Kau turun mrt Bugis Jt kan tulah xnampak kali.

Anonymous said...

oo..sa x naik mrt.. kami jln kaki dr bras basah complex p bugis street..... 2nd visit will cekidout-grungesuperbadasscute

BibiErr Karim said...

Nothing much with the stairs apart from it being colorful tapi selalu nampak di blog orang terus saya jeles & mau juga ada. LOL. Check out the colorful windows juga ah.

Nnt if u're facing the Bugis Street, it's on ur right. Jalan sikit saja. U won't miss it.

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