6 December 2012

Edisi: Occupied I am

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

*poyo mode* I've been busy. With stuffs at the cafe, with plannings on my next holidays *insya Allah*, with this, with that...

and yeah, obviously I've found another Kdrama to entertain my so-called bored evening. So much of claiming to be busy, huh. My eternal Kdrama-supplier rendered me speechless when she handed me quite a list of must-watch dramas. And she literally killed me when she gave me the blogsites that provide downloadable dramas. 
My current obsessionI watch this mainly because of the casts. Eun Hye from my forever favourite Kdrama; PrincessHours. And Micky; the leading actor from the recent hit drama RooftopPrince. Close friends specially those from high school sure know my obsession towards 'mata sepet' guy. Apart from super macho deep voice, I easily fall for those kinda eyes. Super tusuk jantung! Tettt.

Well that means I have more concrete reason to stay at home during the weekend. Rather than go out & spend my moolah over ridiculous things. Yes? Furthermore, it's like sorta opportunity for me to stick firmly with my saving plan. Most of the times, it is rather scary to list down what I bought every time I go out. And it's also the reason why I opted to NOT keep my money in the bank. I really don't wanna become one of those online shopping addict.

Erk, I was at that stage once...hence, I am trying reaaaaaaaaaaaaally hard to not get stuck in there again. Anyhow, I can't wait to hear stories from my cousin. Her 6-days holiday to Japan came to its end today. Through her pics she uploaded, I am pretty sure she has one helluva trip! Oh, bilakah tiba waktuku?


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isabelle frankly said...

kalo mcm ni..bukan setakat marathon..jogathon triathlon semua kau sapu bie

BibiErr Karim said...

Boleh nak sapu semua...hihi.

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BibiErr Karim said...


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