14 December 2012

Edisi: Faith

We meet again after five good years. Wall I once built simply to isolate u from my life...had long collapsed. Leaving no trace of its existence. I didn't know when it happened. But one thing for sure, I appreciate this friendship more these days.

Gone has the hatred. Gone has the bitterness. Gone has the grudges. 

I believe time does really heal the wounds. The past matured me. Knowing u enjoying ur life with ur beloved little family make me feel so delighted. 

It is fate that we met & fell in love. It is also fate that we separated. It is fate that brings us where we are now. Allah has written our journey ever since He created us. And they are written wonderfully indeed. 

I am forever grateful for the decision we chose. I shall not question what The Almighty has plan for His slaves. 

Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah! This tranquil feeling is beyond words to be describe.


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