1 December 2012

Buang Tabiat: Cemburu Gila!

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong. Kon'nichiwa!

*drama mode activated*

While Bunda is shouting her lung out watching the football match in front of the black screen tele. 

While I am busy determining places of interest to visit for my Feb trip; at the same downloading Kdramas; also watching Suju + BB in MAMA 2012 Award via youtube...

beloved cousin; Uly is now enjoying every second of her life in Japan! She; together with her uncle & two cousins departed to Tokyo yesterday morning. After nearly months imagining how Japan looks like, after nearly months telling me how excited she is for the trip...and right now, she has set her foot upon the Land of the Rising Sun. Alhamdulillah; they arrived in one piece!

Fyi, that lady with the green bag isn't Japanese albeit her look! Itu pure blood Malaysian. *flip hair* Kentara bah kan jeles berabis!!
I commanded her to tag me in every pictures she uploaded in her facebook! Peduli sana muntah darah meninguk gambar orang. Cari penyakit menghancur jiwa sendiri!

Of course I am uber happy for her. At such age, she is already backpacking to somewhere outside Malaysia. Aku adalah cemburu habis meter, just to be precise  How I wish I could join them! Tapi apakan daya, I had my pockets burnt already. No more holidays for me until the year ends. 

Cukuplah twice a year Bie, sila berpada bila mahu merealisasi impian. Sila jangan tamak. Pelan2 kayuhlah, kan. Insya Allah, ur time will come. At the mean time, disiplin diri untuk rajin saving! Bukan malar tabur duit di sana sini ntah hapa jak dibeli!

p/s Perangai: Suka excited on behalf orang yang pigi bercuti. Pastu seteghes sebab ndak dapat join.


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