19 December 2012

Buang Tabiat: Bercakap-cakap

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Study week is approaching yet the number of students coming to the cafe remains unchanged. If before they came swarming; now they came in small group but continuously. The swelling on my left shoulder has spread to the right. I tried relieving the aching shoulder by doing some massage but to no avail. The pain could become unbearable at times. So yesterday, I decided to pay the tukang urut that massaged Aunty’s swollen arm; a visit. I left the cafe early because I have other errands to do before the urut session.

Settled my urusan at the traffic  first. I had four unpaid tickets; purposely ignore to pay the summons since last year. Great mind like moi always enjoyed the idea of donating moolah to unnecessary things, yes?! Thus at the summon payment counter, I happily ‘donated’ few hundred Ringgits. Thanks to Bunda for buzzing nonstop about it. Else, memang selamanya buat2 lupa bayar. Will only start to act panic when a love letter arrived at the pigeon-hole; I guess.

Later after picking up cafe’s new uniforms, it’s massage session!! Semangat membara! I headed straight to WM. Only to be told that the tukang urut was on leave that day. Great, just darn great! Apparently another brilliant side of moi emerged. Why u no use ur brain to give her a call first lah Bie!!! Fortunately, I've made an appointment this Sunday. Hopefully janganlah aku kelupaan.

On another story, I think something changed in me recently. I have never gained enough patience when it comes to watching a drama by episodes. I repeat, NEVER. My whole life I wouldn't allow myself to agree to thing as such. Back then when watching drama(s) through the television, I skipped most of the episodes; specially in between the intro & ending. I am always excited to watch the first two episodes & the finale.

Nowadays, I can have the whole episodes of a drama in less than a week. Haruslah kan! I opted to watch the first three episodes & directly jumped to the final episode. I just can't stand too much melancholics & dramas in a drama. Important part is how it begins...and how it ends. Only after I've watch the last episode will I resume watching the remaining episodes. Talk about the not so adventurous me! Sakit jiwa, sesak nafas mau tau apa kesudahan kisah hero heroin...pastu mau tau mati ka ndak si Penjahat. Bengkak dada wei tengok betapa evil watak si Penjahat; one after another jahat dibuat tapi susah gila kantoi.

BUT, I don't know how on earth I could tolerate with the Kdrama I am currently watching. I-Miss-You. I waited for each episode to be downloadable; patiently. Every week. I watched them; episode by episode. Thing I never thought I would do! Albeit curiosity shoot up; I am able to control it. Memang kalau umur makin sikit akan ada sindrom beginikah? Hmm interesting!

Anyway, I am in the midst of downloading another Kdrama. A time-travel kind of drama will entertain me soon. Yang ni ala2 RooftopPrince. I decided to watch it after reading quite good reviews about this drama in the web.

Well Q*ueen In-hyeon's Man...u better be worth my fortyeighthours of download time.


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3 hollered!:

isabelle frankly said...

kenapa kau ni bie?
jgn buang tabiat. nanti boifren lari

ijad said...

salam..menarik citer tu..

BibiErr Karim said...

Belle: Sakit badan lately. Mentekedarah ndak hengat, tapi exercise super malas!

Ijad: Wasalam. Hihi both cerita adalah best! Lalala.

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