21 November 2012

Edisi: Jiwa Koyak

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Yesterday evening, on my way back home Bunda suddenly called. First I thought she wanted me to stop by at the market to buy something. But I was no longer in my right mind the moment she told me that Cafe was gone. He was no where to be seen in the house. Seriously, whenever it comes to the Children...I could be a bit emotional. Most of the time; over emotional! Everything related to them is of priority. They ranked somewhere in the upper level. 

I can accept if the children left me due to thing that is beyond my power. For instance; death. Albeit mourning & grieving would definitely take place BUT at least I know they went to a better place. Yet, went missing is too harsh a reality for me to swallow. I couldn't sleep well; I couldn't stop my mind from imagining frightful things. Where will they be sleeping during the night, have they eaten...and if they had, what did they eat. Yadda yadda. 

After I parked my car, I immediately took out the flash light. Female driver like moi loves to prepare things for rainy days. *sempatlah kan puji diri* Bunda was already waiting for me at the parking lot. Soon after getting out from the car, she told me she saw something 'blackie' under one of the neighbor's car but she wasn't sure if it's him or not. I sacrificed my newly washed jeans; kneeled down on the wet muddy ground just for Cafe. Alhamdulillah, turned out it was really him. 

But the most painful part arrived the moment I flashed the light over his face. I trembled when I saw blood stains all over his right ear. Also his chin. Bunda took him out & held him in her arms. I can't stand seeing his confused & in-pain face. Not to mention his feeble meow. Simply heart breaking! Once inside the house, I burst into tears upon seeing the blood. Bunda asked me to hold Cafe while she cleaned him up. I was trembling for God sake. I couldn't bear to see his teary eyes! No tears of course! I ain't that drama queen lah. 

Because he can't endure the pain or perhaps he was still in shocked after falling from the second floor of the apartment unit...he pulled out his claws. And grip my hand. Firmly. I tried to calm him down but it only lasted for few seconds before he struggled to escape again. As the wounds are still new, Bunda decided to not directly touch them. She dabbed the wet tissues around the wounds & later cover them up with the antibiotics powder. Lucky we still have that at home. 

Cafe didn't sleep with me last night...so yeah, I felt a bit awkward for he is one of my most loyal bedmates apart from Cheeloh. Tried to call him from the bedroom but he ignored me. He only stayed on the bed for less than a minute before going back under the cabinet in the living room. This morning before leaving for work, I applied the powder once more. 

Honestly, I didn't quite concentrate despite being busy at the cafe. Thus I went home early. Alhamdulillah, I managed to wash the blood stains on Cafe's face. Also around his ears'. I succeeded in convincing that I was gonna cleanse him. So he lied down on my lap, willingly 'showing' his injured side to me. I did the dressing with so much ease. He no longer struggles to run away from me. After a good twenty minutes of cleansing & wiping, Cafe is back to his handsome-self. Except for his chin though. He meows every time I try to clean the area so I take it as 'not here please, it hurts...still' kinda sign from him. 

Cafe has shown signs of him recovering. He got his appetite back. And he is already sitting on his favorite spot in my room. He even took a quick nap on my chest just now. It's just a matter of time before he started running around the house again.

Bliss! I couldn't put the exact feeling in words. Above all, I thank Allah for still giving me the opportunity to take care of Cafe. Syukran Ya Rabb. 
From my instagram. I just don't get it, WHY this picture was being 'liked'. Seriously?
Cafe immensely enjoying the moment being pampered! 
Taken few days before the unfortunate incident. He was contemplating; whether to read the book or to apply the face mask! Aigoo.


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6 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

poor Cafe. Speedy recovery handsome! -pija-

BibiErr Karim said...

Sedang dalam proses pembaikan. Start sudah tu baring2 atas chest sudah. Kalau sudah keluar gaya gitu, sahlah memang makin baik tu.

ladyang said...


BibiErr Karim said...

Serius jiwa koyak tengok teary eyes dia.

Malicious Mind said...

eeeeee sedihnya aku tengok luka si cafe.. thankfully he's alive!

BibiErr Karim said...

Alhamdulilah he is alive. Makin nakal. Fuh xdpt imagine sakit dada aku tgk luka dia tu ari. Pedih.

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