18 September 2012

Solo Adventure: Part 15 - Roman Baths, Bath

The next destination after Windsor is Bath. The main purpose of choosing this city is of course because of Roman Baths. I've heard of this place several times before but not until I saw Ernie & Avie's photos that I finally make up my mind that I will have this place in my list. 

Alhamdulillah, Dia makbulkan.
Bila travel by bus di sana, selalu jak hati berbunga. View macam gambar di atas, berhamburan sepanjang jalan. Mata mengantuk pun ndak dapat tidur. Motif? Mau layan feeling jiwang sambil menghayati keindahan alam ciptaan Dia. Subhanallah.
This path reminded me of SK. Yeah, kerinduan membara!
Ancient building...very old architecture. Tapi masih teguh berdiri up to this day!
The closest I could get to see the Pulteney Bridge. A bridge that crosses the River Avon. It's a best-known buildings in a city famed for its Georgian Architecture. Ernie spoke of this bridge hundred of times but alas I didn't get to set my foot upon it although I went to Bath. Time constraint; the downside for choosing a tour it was. 

Bath Abbey is an Anglican parish church founded in the 7th century. It is still an active place of worship.
Yours Truly standing before the Bath Abbey. Too many visitors on Sunday hence we need in turn to enter. What more can be done while waiting other than camwhoring, right.
The chip is the entrance ticket to enter the Roman Bath. 
The terrace is lined with statues of Roman Governors of Britain, Roman Emperors & military leaders.
View from the terrace overlooks the Great Bath. What one can see from here is less than a quarter of the site as a whole. The Roman Baths extends under the modern ground level & beneath adjacent streets.
Bath Abbey at the back.
Surviving stones of the Temple pediment. The Gorgon's Head in the centre is a powerful symbol of the goddess Sulis Minerva.

Stone head of a lady is from a tomb. The hairstyle is the most fashionable at the time. Sila imagine hairstyle ni jadi trend di Malaysia! Hooray gila aku ketawa berguling paling awal.
An assistant is needed to have the hairstyle. Kentara lah kan hanya yang mampu upah hairstylist jak dapat bergaya dengan style ni. Tiered hair I call it.  
The people of Roman uses thin sheet of lead scratched with tiny letters as a method to send messages to God. They used curse tablet or binding spell to ask the gods to do harm to others. 
Entering the 'dark' room. East Baths contained a series of heated rooms. 

Back then, this was once a grand site.
A caldarium; was a room with hot plunge bath. It was very hot & steamy room heated by underfloor heating system. The floor has been removed to show the empty which the hot air flowed through to heat the floor. In modern spas or gyms, a caldarium is similar to room with hot floor.
First who discovered & built the bath. The statue of King Bladud overlooking the King's Bath.
Sacred spring; The King's Bath. Hot water of 46°C rises here at the rate of 240,000 gallons every day and has been doing this for thousands of years.

The magnificent centerpiece is the pool. From the audio guide, it was said that the bath is 1.6m deep & has steps leading down on all sides. Dulu orang mandi untuk tujuan pembersihan & penyucian; now the water is considered unsafe for bathing. 
The Grand Pump Room is a neo-classical salon where hot Spa water is drawn for drinking. Dulu kala kononnya orang berduit jak yang mampu spend time sini bersosial...tapi aku tengok masih sama jak konsepnya sampai sekarang. Environment pun macam ala2 fine dining. Harga cup of coffee pun memang kaw.

2 hours awing the historical Roman Baths...it was time to meet the other members of the tour at the promised parking lot. Next was Stonehenge. Another 1 hour of journey...so aku ambil peluang tidur. Perlu recharge sebab sudah penat habis round 2 cities. Poyo perlu!
Sangat admire rumah begini...
On the way out from Bath city, we encountered this very old unique building. Mr Omar; the tour guide told us this was used as a lock room for drunk people in the past. Untuk orang mabuk yang ndak jumpa jalan pulang to be exact. 

Dulu rumah ni orang tengok sebelah mata jak. Because of the image it brought to people whom woke up being locked in the room. Now? Orang tengok rumah ni as of valuable treasure from the past. 


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Ernie Khairina said...

haha kena kasi bulat lagi tu bridge..next time la =)

ohh sy tdk ingat oh ada tu chip entrance, si Azwan mgkin yg pegang tu.

Anonymous said...

klu gitu la estyle rambut org jaman dahulukala, memang bidak la.... hahahahah.... nasep ko pakai tudung so x perlu begaya mcm tu...heheheh-grunge supercute

BibiErr Karim said...

@Ernie: Sbb sy excited bila tu guide ckp Pulteney Bridge...ingat dapat tengok tu kedai2 semua. Skali rupanya limpas jak ah. Ya tula tix dia tapi kena pungut balik masa mau masuk tu.

@Grunge: Wakakaka kondifen kah ko time tu saya bertudung? Gaya rambut Bangsawan kama tu. Mesti semua dying to at least try once ah. Ko ingat tu estyle yang ada fridge kambang2? Nah bukan ramai ka tu ikut tu estyle sini dulu. Lol

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