9 September 2012

Edisi: Baru!

Wachaaa! Jumpa another drama to fill my free time at night. 

Golden Time was released in July this year. Thanks to my fav website I can watch this drama online! Ndak payah tunggu lama for Astro* to subscribe it. Too many new dramas were released recently...and since drama genre ni kureng keminatan di tempat kita, I guess maybe drama ni ndak kan muncul di tv pun. For me the best part of this drama is when I could hear the Korean language in different slang. Considering it was filmed mostly in Busan so hearing other than Seoul slang is of logic. Berlagu2 gitu...macam beza slang orang KK & Tawau lah kalau mau dikasi contoh. 
Reason why I instantly clicked on Golden Time's link is because of that guy on the right! Lee Sun-kyun sshi. I just admire his acting. Ever since I saw him in Coffee Prince, I felt in love with his talent right away. Suara pun super macho.
Ouh dia memang kureng handsome BUT he is a charismatic actor! He can pulled any role thrown onto him. For those 3 dramas of him that I've watched so far...memang characters dia bawa sangat berbeza. In Pasta, kunun dia trip jadi chef garang. Gah!

Still, aku perlu sedar diri. I am no longer in honeymoon season. New semester has started & that means tomorrow bakal mandi peluh di cafe. Thing I've missed for the past 3 months. NOT! I need to sleep early & I should really know how to not be too carried away with the drama. 

Hiburan, hiburan juga...jangan kau terlajak tidur lambat, sekali bangun sudah lepas Zohor Bie!


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