14 September 2012

Buang Tabiat: Cakap cakap cakap sendiri

Ehem...I wonder why the happy hormone attack my system pretty often these days. I smile quite a lot lately. Even to strangers! Something must have sparked me off. I have yet to find the answer. It's a good thing that I finally able to draw a smile on my face; especially towards people I don't know. But what is more peculiar to me is that I smile for no reason at all! 

Anyway, I will embrace this change in the most positive form. Leaving my twenties has never been this good!  Ouh lupa...welcome thirties! May our relationship always in great condition. Please 'treat' me well as I promise to take extra care of this body...and mind and soul. Eh?


5 hollered!:

Malicious Mind said...

happy birthday err!!

Malicious Mind said...

eh bukan sudah lepas ka birthday mu? ko punya post ni macam as if baru jak birthday ko. LOL

BibiErr Karim said...

Hahaha tq again Dana. Biasalah kan dtg bingai aku. Kunun trip baru jak bah tu turned 30. Lalala.

Anonymous said...

imagining myself walking side by side with u (1B to be precise), smiling, looking at u smiling to everyone. haha.. u have just made me smile today err - pijut

BibiErr Karim said...

Rare kan? Selalu paling lah muka yang serius. Jangan lah sampai bingai, senyum sendiri2. Tu kes parah!

p/s Mari jln2 di 1B!

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