10 August 2012

CutiCuti: Paris Day 2 - Musee D'Louvre, Luxor Obelisk, Champs-Elysees & Eiffel Tower

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong. 

Hihihi baru dapat semangat untuk sambung update my trip to Europe. Been super lazy lately. And fact that Miss Asus is no longer serving me...made it seems like I prolly had given up to continue scribbling about the trip. Lovely cousin lent me his laptop for the whole week so I guess 'no medium to update the blog' kind of alasan shall be put aside for now. I know I should take this golden opportunity to update, whilst the memories is still fresh. And of course, while I have the laptop with me. 

As I slowly lost my passion to scribble; my grammars & skills of writing gradually withered. Fuh, as if banyak sangat skill kau tu Bie. Oleh itu, straight to pics then. 

As said in my previous entry this is the Batobus that I took to cruise across Seine River...and enjoying the view of Paris from the river. 
Super long queue to go up to Eiffel Tower. I don't have the urge to join them; surprise not. Yet since it's not like everyday I go there...haruslah spent sometime wandering beneath the tower. Appreciating the beauty & lovely environment of Paris.    
For the children. Opposite the road to the tower. 
I planned to witness the sparkling Eiffel from Trocadero during dusk. Unfortunately the sun showed no sign of it going to set although it was already 10p. *sedih* Therefore I decided to made my way back to the hostel. Moreover I've been out since early in the morning I felt a bit uncomfy I seriously need to shower.  
The common arrangement of seating in almost ALL Paris' coffee parlors. The Parisians enjoyed their cuppa like this. The side walks or seat near the window are reserved at high rates. 
My second day in Paris; I woke up super early. Took my free breakfast at the hostel's cafe & walked myself to the nearest stop point for the HoHo bus. Map was among my most essential belonging during the travel.
A brilliant idea for sitting on the upper decks I got to see everything.
Architecture I admire! 
The Opera House. 
Creative decoration at one of the Metropolitan station near Louvre. 

One of the Pyramid in the Grand Louvre. The Da Vinci Code day dreaming no more for me!!
Alhamdulillah. Standing right before the Musee du Louvre. The most visited art museum in the world also the central landmark of Paris. 

Too long a queue I don't think I could squeeze in last minute plan to enter the museum into my itinerary. One day...insya Allah, one day I WILL visit Paris again.
As it's still early the shops on the streets haven't start operating yet. Maka berkubur impian untuk memborong souvenirs. 
One of the 37 bridges within Paris. 
The reason why I needed to enter the pharmacy was because blisters were everywhere on both my feet. Jalan raya super lebar. I can't simply cross the road without using the traffic light for pedestrian. Maka perlulah berjalan all the way towards the traffic light...walau destinasi berada depan mata.  
Yours Truly before the Luxor Obelisk; a high Egyptian obelisk standing at the centre of the Place de La Concorde. Originally located at the entrance to Luxor Temple, Egypt.  
Harus ambil peluang to stroll at the park on my way to the Avenue des Champs-Élysées. Taman dalam bandar, peaceful green environment.
Champs-Élysées is one of the most famous streets and expensive strips of real estate in the world with its cafes, luxury speciality shops & clipped horse-chestnut trees. 
Dedicated to all LV's lovers. Aku hanya mampu melihat dari seberang jalan. I can't afford to even purchase it's keychain. And memang ndak pernah berangan pun mau memiliki. I prefer to pamper myself with travelling & stuffs; lain orang kan lain kemahuan. Aku bab shopping ni kedekut sikit
No one near the area when I wanted to take full picture of me before the Arc de Triomphe Place de Gaulle. Terima lah keadaan half me + half the Arc. 
In Paris, bathroom does not include toilet in it. Toilet is to be found in Toilettes or W.C (Water Closet). Seriously regardless how much I want to, it never cross my mind to enter this pay toilet. Ever! This toilet has automatic door which open when you insert coins & are cleaned automatically once you exit. You've only got 15 minutes so don't dilly-dally. Satu hal lah kan kalau aku mau melabur...ndak pasal bersilat aku once the time is up. 
Before departing for Amsterdam I decided to visit Eiffel once more. Just to bid farewell. Poyo gaban!

And bazir duit makan aiskrim that cost me RM16! Bukan selalu kan...double twist of mix vanilla + strawberry super sedap makan di panas hari. 
Truth to be told, I was actually waiting for the Yellow Route HoHo bus bound for Moulin Rouge when I accidentally flipped over my train ticket to Amsterdam. It was 240pm at that time...and the departure time printed on the e-ticket was 1525. I seriously thought I was bound for the 525pm train! Pasal tu boleh leisurely berjalan berangan. Nasib baik lah ndak kena heart attack. Lucky enough Metro Stations are everywhere scattered around the city. I reached Gare du Nord 10 minutes before departure. Leaving behind my dreams to visit Moulin & Basilic, Montmarte.

Biarlah, bukan rezeki. Sob! Might be it's a hint for me to set my foot upon Paris land again...insya Allah. Manalah tau kan next time pergi sama chenta hati pula. Tetttttttt.


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Ernie Khairina said...

kenapa sa baru perasan ni entry?? cantik oh semua gambar ko!

BibiErr Karim said...

Hihi sbb yg ni published 1 kali sma tu entry fake account bah. Tulah ko xperasan.

Gelap ba tu mostly gambar sy, tapi sy edit kasi terang. Yet, tq tq.

Malicious Mind said...

best kan paris? bila la mo pegi sana lagi ni

BibiErr Karim said...

Yes Paris best! Aku jatuh chenta sma Versailles. Tapi aku prefer Amsterdam more. Very the tenang. Huhu bila ni mo pegi lagi kan.

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