3 August 2012

Edisi: Muzium Negara

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong!

Sorry for my long hiatus. It's been 2 weeks since I last scribbled something in here. Sungguh2 kah aku berpuasa sampai kunun ndak da mood mau update blog sendiri? Sila put aside kepoyoan itu.

Considering aku agak lama senyap...I thought an update with piles of pictures will be of great idea. Less words needed. Walhal caption harus berbaris2 kan. Anyways, ni cerita pasal 'lawatan' aku to the National Museum last month. Due to clashing plans & stuffs, I didn't managed to visit British Museum while I was in the UK for the holiday. Therefore to pay the 'debt', I decided to visit our own museum. Yalah, lawat muzium negara sendiri lah kan before setting foot on other's. Alasan boleh bikin muntah!

Parked at the carpark behind the museum building...entered through this main entrance. Some repairing & maintenance works was being carried on that day. Conserving the building that houses our historical heritage; memang usaha berbaloi2.
With the growing up little cousin. Ndak lama aku jadi paling terendah. Tapi maintain jelita kot.
Cousins. 5 tickets for the 5 of us. Kena beli adults ticket sebab semua sudah dewasa ya. It's RM2 per entry for Malaysian.
Interactive screen. Boleh lah gain new knowledge in an attractive way. Tapi budak2 ni aku rasa bukan into history kot.
This is the royal dais for royal wedding. Hence the gold-ish theme. Nampak mewah. Sangat keMelayuan di situ.
The nation's most known warrior...Hang Tuah

Sepuluh sen dulu2 guna duit kertas pula ah. This note was used during the Japanese reign. 
Basikal penoreh getah.Yang ni memang confirm hak milik muzium jadi ndak malu berposing sakan...kejadian di Nami Island ndak mungkin berulang. 
Tin processing factory. This is the replica of the real factory in Perak.

When it comes to the Communist's stories...one can't help but to be a bit emotional. I am glad that I wasn't born at that era. 
Jar or urn burials; practice among communities in Sabah, Sarawak & Terengganu. Human remains in the form of bones after cremation were interred in jars. The most interesting or perhaps tormenting fact is about the practice in Sabah. Where remains of more than one individual are interred in a single jar! Cadavers are left to decompose at a site that is safe from wild animals. The skull & bone are later collected, stored in jar &  placed on the floor of limestone cave. I just can't imagine how much effort needed to inter the cadaver in that tiny urn. 

I wonder why they stopped using these. Too cute a currency system, don't u think so. 
I am forever 'indebted' to Sharif ABakar; who brought Islam to Borneo. 
How Islam came to the Peninsular Malaysia. 
Hand written Qoran. It came from hundred of years back. Subhanallah. And it remains intact up to this day. 

There are lots to see at the museum. But because of the low light condition in most of the rooms, I decided to roam around. There are few pictures I took that turned out not the way its supposed to look like so I gave up & put the camera away. With the absence of the camera, I got the chance to learn about the history. And understand them more. There's so much I gained from the visit...paling penting, lebih dari apa aku belajar time sekolah dulu ya. 

We didn't take our breakfast before departing to the museum. Since the cousins had been super patience with my sudden enthusiasm(??) to tour the whole museum area...I brought them to MidVal for brunch.

Memang perlu sabar demi ganjaran bertitle Jom Makan! The girls *including yours truly* are a big fan of Korean thingy hence explain the choice of place to dine. Teringin merasa Korean food sebab rindu Hanguk. It's so difficult to find Halal Kfood in KK. Alang2 sudah di Kolumpur, might as well layan craving yang dipendam sekian lama. Really a 2-in-1 goal with the cousins. Terjah muzium sebab terlepas peluang lawat British Museum. Then later on, mentekedarah Kfood because I've been craving for it since forever. Baik punya accomplishment!

p/s I promised myself that one day I WILL visit UK again...purposely to just visit the museums there. Key word paling ngam, ALL the free-entry museums. Dream high! Sekian.


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azwanea said...

janganlah nanti terpaksa besar wallet mau kasi masuk tu 'duit' huhu

kizzy t.fauzi said...

best nya ko jalan2 di muzium!! huhu aku hari tu limpas2 jak....

BibiErr Karim said...

@Ernie: Hahaha suda terjwb sdh y we dont use currency gtu lg. Lollll.

@Kizzy: Ni org bilang balas dendam! Sbb kempunan British Museum kan. Hahaha.

Malicious Mind said...

cute juga tu animal money. hahahaha. nasib la nda gunakan sudah. last aku pegi muzium negara sebelum kawin, now that you gave me such idea, nanti aku bawa anak anak aku lawat muzium, bagi dorang tahu sikit asal usul. hehe

BibiErr Karim said...

Cute kan tapi susa gila la kan klu mau dikasi masuk purse. Ya bw bdk2 explore sejarah dari kecil mmg great idea. Kasi intro juga yg sebelah ur dad.

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