27 August 2012

Buang Tabiat: Buang Masa

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong.

Phew, rumah kembali sunyi since last Saturday evening. Angah & co. sudah kembali ke tanah Semenanjung leaving Bunda & I; the two at home. Life resumed to it's normal path the very next day. Aku kembali solo tidur di atas katil nan queen-size itu. Ops masih ditemani the children of course.

Although there's no sign of these unwanted visitors to leave the system...I went to the cafe yesterday; still. Bolehlah contribute my remaining energy in cleaning. Buat yang ringan jak mainly to hint the mind also to trigger the 'get to work' mode on. Ndak lah kejutan kan. I've been resting for nearly 2 months already. Lemau gila badan bila sedar hari sibuk proses peluh di cafe akan bermula; soon! 

I so can't wait for the IT Fair this weekend. If last year I was busy hunting for the external HD, this year I might be busy surveying the best package of Mr Tabbie. Karau ni jiwa ever since Ms Asus 'left' me. I'm looking for something that is within the budget. For now, I need to be extra calculative in spending the moolah. Mau start saving for my cuti2 list. And manatau ndak lama lagi mau bina masjid kan? Ok, yang tu sila cerita belakang tabir.

By the way, sekarang ni aku khusyuk layan another K-pop group; Super Junior. I know I am kind of late...way too late to be exact. But it's better than never. Thanks to one of the member; Heechul-sshi who also starred in I Love U Thousand Times! I got to know this superholic group. And fall in love with them. 

Big Bang is still in my favourite list. I just added SUJU in to make it merrier. I listened to more different songs these days. No more the same single song in a day for moi. Bangga kah patut? Adeh.


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2 hollered!:

kizzy t.fauzi said...

phewiitt mau bina masjid tu yg mau stori mori tu hehehe....

IT fair minggu depan kan. mau cari external hardisk ni tau.

BibiErr Karim said...

Bye beb...kita jumpa warkah yang lain ya. Hahaha.

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