3 July 2012

Edisi: Meeting the Ladies

Assalamualaikum. Annyeong!

Ok rehat dari cerita solo adventure gue. Muntah darah sudah aku meninguk terlampau banyak pictures in the hard disc. Pening kepala kunun memilih. P to the Yo!

Anyways, yesterday I was supposed to have luncheon date with my 2 ever beloved ladies. Dayang & Yang. Rhythm comel pula nama dorang ni ah. Right, patut lunch together but due to penyebab yang menjelma tiba2' we changed the plan to dinner instead. Since Yang will be coming with her two lil soldiers so we decided to meet up near her place.

IOI Mall in Puchong was the place suggested for the meet up. Thanks to Ezza's navigation system in her car, we managed to be there before the two ladies. Without any hassles it was. Alhamdulillah tiada lagi kejadian sesat jalan everytime keluar ngedate sama kawan2 di Semenanjung ni. Upon entering the main entrance, I told Ezza I would like to dine at this restaurant called Little Pantry which I saw on our way to the mall. Yang arrived few minutes after us. And coincidentally when I asked Yang where to dine; she suggested that very restaurant. Instinct comel di situ. Yang thought the reason why is because of the decoration...but honestly speaking, I didn't see the interior from the parking area. Cuma tertarik sama signboard dia di luar...macam menarik. Ehem, memang terlebih attractive ok. 

Before tunaikan permintaan Ibu & aunties untuk bergosip chat session, kena tunaikan request the soldiers first. Cukup 2 rounds, we headed to the restaurant. Perut sudah nyanyi lagu KRU.
The eldest; Adam personally requested me to snap this picture. Memang potpet mamat kecil ni...demanding ndak hengat. Unlike his lil brother yang suka buat hal sendiri & sangat independent. I was about to take another picture of the two boys when Adam looked at me & said "Cukup. Perut Adam sakit, jom masuk cepat nak makan. Lapar." Hmmm aunty Bibie pun terpaksa lah mengalah! Kapten sudah bagi arahan.

Daebak!! Speechless habis masa tengok restoran ni dari luar. Yang surely knows what could cheer me up. Cheh macam kau dalam mood down kan Bie. Padahal ever since balik dari cuti, maaaaakan jak kerja kau. Fine, let's put aside the 'worry over the weight' kinda thing for now. 
Waiter tu pula kasi kami meja yang betul2 facing this PINK cabinet. With  PINK  flowers as decoration...sila jangan imagine betapa getek aku di situ. This place definitely a dedicated place for dearest Ernie as well.

Yang & I love this space! And I have started dreaming to have my own cafe...with this kind of concept! Fuh, berangan free so ndak payah risau.
More tables at the back...near the counter. 

Room designated for celebration i.e birthday, anniversary, annual meeting etc. If only aku stay di Kolumpur, harus request birthday buat di sini. The environment isn't only suitable for children ok, yang ndak berapa mau children pun ngam.

Time to 'study' the menu. Selection of food; checked. They offered quite a variety. Price-wise too. Serious ndak sangka konsep kedai gitu...tapi harga affordable gila. Unlike the one I dined at with Ezza at Suria Sabah last time. Deco vavavum, harga cekik tekak...taste nan ado. 
Adam wasn't at his best mood when Yang took this pic. Mamat demanding sudah marah sebab makanan lambat sampai. He continued complaining about his empty stomach. Mula tu dia excited when given the drawing to color.  But eventually coloring isn't what attract him already. Budak2 kan cepat bosan...haruslah moody kalau sudah lapar. Just like us; adults. 
Adik maintain macho. Suara sangat mahal. And paling ndak best, he addressed Dayang as Kakak. Hmm mesti Adik confused Kak Bibie sama Aunty Dayang ni.

After nearly an hour of waiting...the food finally arrived. Tu pun kedai sudah half closed! Despite the awing interior, I think service is what they should focus more. Yang dined here several times already & never once thing as such happened. Just not our luck lah kali kan. Makanan menjelma pun after we started asking about our orders...and after si Yang tunjuk taring seorang ibu. Never mess with an angry mother, ara?
My Portobello Mushroom Salad. Alkisah si Err mau diet(???) jadi makan grilled potato & mushrooms jak lah. Sekali sampai rumah macam orang kebulur, menjamah maggi Laksa semangkuk lagi. Dasar!
Ezza & Dayang ordered this too. Nasi Bulgoji ndak silap. Sambal quite yummy so aku kasi credit sikit lah. Didn't get to snap the food Yang shared with Adam. Also Dayang's husband's. Perut sudah lapar kot...as it was getting late, aktiviti klik kamera sudah decreased. 
But a group photo isn't something I should miss. Due to being too occupied to chatting & updating last time we met, we forgot the most important 'thing'. Therefore before departing, one kenangan2an picture with my beloved ladies harus diambil.

Alhamdulillah despite our busy lives, we managed to keep in touch with each other. After the rough road we went through in the past; we chose to stand next to each other. Up to this moment, it grows even stronger. For we know, the arguments that happened between us is none other than merely to strengthen our friendship. 12 sour-bitter-sweet years has it been...and I pray it to last forever. Insya Allah, amin.


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Ernie Khairina said...

Sioknya err kalo ko ada cafe gitu..tdur cafe bah ko huhu..oh nama menu dia pun comel.

I wanna go.

BibiErr Karim said...

Ya tidur sana jak, trus mlm2 berangan kan. Huhu.

Nanti balik Msia ko pigi sna. Di IOI Mall Puchong sija ni.

N.Aima K said...

astaga i like

BibiErr Karim said...

Cantik kan tu restoran. Geram aku tgk.

Malicious Mind said...


BibiErr Karim said...

Memang cantik tapi tula...servis agak mendukacitakan. Selalu x mcm tu kwn aku ckp.

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