21 April 2012

Buang Tabiat: Tiada Makna

Finally, menses came visiting. Like, perlu kah kau canang di sini? Waiting literally is tormenting, arra? Aku sakit jiwa tinguk pimples suka suki buat cawangan atas muka. Aku geram bila suddenly aku jadi sangat paranoid; every seconds rasa sangat uncomfy. My cycle was doing fine after I got back from SK. But that great feeling only last for 1 good month! This month, it came a week late! At this age, it's definitely something to be concerned about. Might be the exchange of hormone circulation. And again, I can't help but to be reminded that  stress is also 1 of the major factor. 

Things have been pretty rough with me lately. The ground I'm walking upon is sort of wobbly. There are times I commanded myself to just stop walking & get adequate rest before I pursue the journey. But be sure enough to always follow the light ahead. It's ok to skid sometime but it's better to be able to restrain myself from doing so.

I've tried my best to channel out the negative thoughts into something positive. Alhamdulillah, albeit feeling quite uncertain at times I knew I've taken the right path. There's never too high a mountain to climb, never too deep an ocean to fathom. Nae mal-i maj-i? Dang-yeonhi!

The upcoming trip this June make me sweat more these days. I just can't wait for another getaway. Unwind the mind! Rejuvenate before another busy months at the cafe next semester. And, I have yet to complete my schedule to be pass to dear Ernie. Perlu kena semak sama yang pakar, arraso. Banyak kali sudah kena tanya, aku adalah malu besar di situ.

Anyways, the aircond-man has arrived. Bungsu bought a new aircond for the office; the old one has served us too long already. Masa sudah tamat untuk beliau. Hence I gotta stop scribbling now. The new unit perlu di-install & I don't want to be stuck in here. Panas kot berkepam dalam ni! Migraine surely menyerang.

Till then, annyeonghi gyeseyo. Wassalam.

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