10 March 2012

Edisi: Gayang Seafood & Rumah Terbalik, Tamparuli

Last Sat, everything was in rushed. I woke up a bit late...had my breakfast at the cafe in such a hurry because I have to be at the airport to fetch Angah & Ezza; who came back for a week. Regardless how I'd rushed things up...I was late for nearly half an hour, still. Angah called my cell for umpteenth times asking my whereabouts. And each time I gave her the same reply "On my way".

The house got a bit colourful with their presence. They went back to Kolumpur last Weds...leaving the house back to it's original condition. Sigh...I miss having all the family together. It's always something I long for as long as I live...surrounded by the people I love dearly; is such an energy booster. Ok enough mumbling...

Ezza was literally my size when she came back for raya last year...and look at her now. I am twice her size already. Not that I have gotten too fat, araso?? It's her that has gotten too thin. She is now a proud size-25 jeans wearer. Woot woot!
Dinner we had at Gayang Seafood, Tuaran on the very evening of their arrival. The food at their new place is nothing like what we had last time. Totally a turn off! They moved to a new place...hence the change of taste?? 

Because I have twitted & bragged about this thing to Ezza...therefore it has became some sort of an obligation for me to bring her here. Super brilliant moi as always. Thanks to darling Aima & Grunge for the direction to this Upside Down House (Rumah Terbalik, Tamparuli).
Situated just before Shell petrol station; at the right side of the road. The chances for u to missed this house is slightly zero as it is easily seen from the road.
 Almost everything is turned upside down; including the car parked at the garage. 
Entrance fee for local a.k.a MyCard holder...is only RM10. I say; a bit cekik darah.
And for each ticket, one is entitled for a 25% discount on the merchandise at their souvenir shop. Or what they address as tamu. 
Lining up. Only a group of 7-8 people are allowed to enter the house at once. Adakah takut roboh? Or perhaps kalau ramai nanti sesak...and ndak semua get to hear the explanation. 
Yours Truly before the 'takad' a.k.a 'stair'. Oh yeah, every group will be accompanied by one story teller 'guide' to explain more about the house. Ezza & I were escorted by a new guide who got nervous soon after we entered the house. Her explanation was kinda blur & improper. 
No photo taking is allowed INSIDE the house. I repeat NO. We were told, for every picture taken inside will be fined RM200.

Jadinya...demi menjaga hati yang frustrated, maka dibolehkan snap picture before entering the house. I hit the gong as to notify the family living inside the house that they have visitor coming. We knocked the door prior entering the house...adat kan masuk rumah orang memang gitu, jangan kau pura2 sana trip ndak tau.

According to the guide, there is a family living in the house. The father, mother & their 8 year-old son. They are of Dusun Lotud. Read: Imagination; only to make the whole story more interesting. If only taking picture is permitted in the house...barulah best pot pet cerita.
That bicycle belongs to the son. I initially took a picture of the bike when the guide suggested it would be much better for me to be in the frame; barulah nampak real keterbalikkan itu. Ok fine, aku mengikut cadangan. 
Si Gedik ni pun mau juga posing with the clothe-lines. Yes, baju tu sekeras alam. Maybe sudah rendam sama kanji berkilo tan. 

Out from the house...entered the gift shop & the mini cafeteria. I bought some tidbits there sebab perut sudah start berdangdut. 
Just so u know, I felt dizzy & nauseated soon after leaving the premise. Everything in the house except the few things are turned upside down. Nama pun konsep terbalik. Almost 95% of my time in the house, I tilted my head in order to see the things on the ceiling (floor). Lucky enough I didn't puke. The lil cousin in Kolumpur requested me to bring her here this raya...fuh, can I just wait outside? Don't think I can hold myself from vomiting on the second trip. 

Hmm ok lah enough for now. Sekian pending report on my cousin's visit. It's been in the draft since last Thurs. Kan ada entri lagi penting before publishing this entry. Will get back later to our dinner date at Full House, Suria Sabah. New makan place in the mall. And oh, final entry of my trip to SK. Dusyum!


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6 hollered!:

azwanea said...

cantik ko pkai tudung ekspres.
eyy menarik nya tu rumah terbalik..thanks for sharing!

BibiErr Karim said...

Hihi I look 'enormous'.

Mmg menarik tapi sayang konsep traditional lari jugala...so dorang cover cerita; family yg tgl dlm tu suda ikut2 skit arus kemodenan. LOL Pening trus sy pas kuar tu.

Malicious Mind said...

aku pun ada pegi rumah terbalik tu.. unik tul. ntah mcm mana la orang tu boleh ada idea mo buat begitu.. :)

BibiErr Karim said...

Rupanya rumah terbalik di tempat lain mmg xbole amik gmbr d dalam. Pening eh aku pas kuar.

Anonymous said...

Aku tertinggal satu baju biru di rumah kau kan bie?


BibiErr Karim said...

Macam xda. Baju putih adalah. Suda aku suru Chombee pakai.

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