31 March 2012

Buang Tabiat: Self-Defense Yang Kuyak!

It is just unbelievable how I let myself be too carried away into my own dreamland under the influence of We Got Married; a Korean reality show. 

The Sscangchu @ Lettuce Couple has long ended their make-belief marriage; due to their commitments to the industry. But I was only introduced to this show 4 years after their 'divorced'. Thanks to Yam for 'sending' this. I've chained myself with the show ever since I got them last week.

Read: Oppa flying to Macau for Boys Over Flower shooting.

Those who know me well enough will immediately understand when I said...I am busy with my Korean thingy. Laura texted me this afternoon asking what's with my silence. And when she heard me greeted her with giggles instead of hello over the phone; she could already guess what I was about to vomit. "I knew it!" She said. 

Few super concerned girlfriends texted too. Investigating the reason of my hibernation mode. Worries not ladies, I twit & check on my fb account all the time. Peeked on ur pages. Hajiman, naega mianhae *but I am sorry*...it was just too time-constraint to leave any comment. And now u can boo me! Mind is currently  occupied; focusing on the couple below. They are the best. Despite the 6 years age difference, I seriously think they complete each other in a way no one could ever understand. Aigoo, I can't believe I have let myself be like this! Being so emotional attached with the show! 

And a big hug thanks for the admins at  Sscangchu Heaven. I got all the downloadable videos of the show from here!

One of their self-cam pictures I got from the SH blog. Pic with his Buin's little puppy.  
 Oppa's image in Boys Over Flower. Too pretty.
His latest drama; Playful Kiss (2011). Look at that smile! Very serene & honest! *fainted*
Oppa latest image. I just can't help but to fall in love with him more! He changed his hair color & style; making him look more manly. And macho, and charming!! Damn those pair of sleepy big round eyes! There's nothing to not love about him. He sings, he acts & even dance very very well! Bonus double triple!

It's Fortunate; a song that I listened to these days. The song he sang to Hwang-Buin in the show. Apologizing for the mistakes he made to her.  Literally, I have this for 'breakfast'. And I take Because I'm Stupid for lunch & dinner & supper. 

Yeah that clearly stated I now have some cool Korean songs in my phone. Notice the plurality, please. I don't listen to the same song the whole day anymore! LOL gila bragging! 

p/s: I seriously think I shall have another trip to SK, soon! Insya Allah.


2 hollered!:

lola said...

he looks so different, i bet u he had surgery !!! again??!!!

BibiErr Karim said...

He admitted it. Surgery on the nose. Padahal poin mancung, aigoo. Without the make up & BB cream, masi nmpk parut2 dia gaduh time skola dlu. Lol!!! Nickname given by the fans, Guljo a.k.a The Walking Statue. Fuh!!

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