27 February 2012

Edisi: Trip Busy

Someone BBM text me last night; asking why in the world did I stopped scribbling about my recent trip. Aigoo, I didn't know someone's waiting for the update. He specifically mentioned incomplete entries for Day Two to Day Four itinerary. Funny isn't it? When I thought no one really care about the holiday trip *excluding my close friends* suddenly, he surfaced out of no where...reminding me to continue sharing. From the bottom of my humble heart, I appreciate u for ur time. *hands on chest, eyes winking*

Honestly speaking, I am not much of a normal person last week. Having to be in no-work mode for 2 weeks left me a little bit shock when the cafe reopened last Monday. Drama enough? I didn't took enough time to set the mind back to working mode. Serve me right for letting myself stuck in the dreamland. Really, I wish I could extend my stay in SK a bit longer. Maybe a week or two. I'm in love with the country already. *alasan perlu untuk tidak putus*

Bungsu spelt the word B to me last week. And to make thing even worse, the sisters spoke of an all-ladies road trip to a country I have long put in my wish list. Phew, macam ni kalu...simpan duit untuk travelling jak lah kerja aku. Need not need to worry about getting hitched I supposed. Fine, getting married is another chapter in life. Who says I can't focus on making my dreams come true & 'plan' for the future life at the same time. I always have faith that Allah already has a beautiful plan(s) for me...and because of that, I don't need to hurry things up. Redha dengan qada & qadar-Nya, itu yang perlu aku semat dalam hati. Insya Allah.

Anyways, to that someone whom has caused me to write this entry...gamsahabnida for reminding. I will try to find some free time to update about the trip, ok. Workload caught me good these past few days. Plus there are just too many pictures for me to choose & upload here. Like I told u, I don't want to upload the same pictures I have in my fb album. So yeah, bear with the ridiculous me for now. Will get them up soon. Insya Allah.


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