6 February 2012

Edisi: Sunday with Superwoman

So yesterday Bunda managed to fix the malfunction washing machine...ALL BY HERSELF. Yes, u read it right. The machine has been on & off duty due to unknown damage. Even brother couldn't find the source. But Bunda did! As usual lah kan.Turned out, few wires got detached from the original position. That she discovered after turning the machine upside down. *tabik spring toing2*

Hats off to my forever superwoman idol! I super love u Bunda! And sebagai reward for repairing the machine, harus belanja beliau something. What else selain mentekedarah, right. Fuh, I no longer have to worry about getting a new washing machine. Gila kacau jiwa kalau machine tu rosak...bibik sorang ni ndak dapat buat laundry ok. Bibik referring to yours truly, sekian.

Headed to Nasi Padang Ibu; the new branch just opened at 1st Floor, Karamunsing Complex.
Fine deco upon entering the premise.
What we had for lunch. Price is super reasonable. All above cost less than RM50. Berbaloi2.
Si Bunda, madu & racun gue. My forever partner in crime. Jangan dilupa, kawan bergaduh apart from the children at home.

On another note, I have a visitor I called it Invader upon waking up this morning. No wonder I went to bed super early last night. Sleepy to the utmost. Rupanya mau dapat si Stye ni, huh. The ticker states 2 days more to the trip & now I have to endure with a reddish swell on my eyelids. Harus jadi alasan aku trip diva di sana nanti. Sunglasses twentyfourseven! Woot.

Garlic has suddenly became my best friend ever since I spotted the stye. A good senior suggested I should drink black tea+mint leave. She also told me to make chicken sup + winter melon to stabilize the body heat, increased appetite & produce more energy. The latter suggestion was my dinner just now. Tomorrow I will try to find the mint leave at ConsFood. Gila kentang pamper diri time unwell begini kan. Sangat comel.

Ok sekarang kena tidur. I still have to be at the cafe to settle few more works before I get to embrace the holiday mood. Chow!


5 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

cantik gambar...yay nampak sedap!

Ernie Khairina said...

cuci banyak kali tu mata..jan pegang2 pakai tangan..

BibiErr Karim said...


1. Hihi knun mo buat mcm 'my makan-log'. Mmg sedap tp sambal hijo dia xbrapa kick mcm di Indon pnya. Kali dia mo kasi sesuai taste Sabahan.

2. Orait mem! Mula tu sy gatal2 p pegang ba sbb mo tau bengkak sdh ka blum. Hihi tp sy suda kena ikat tu tangan.

anangmusnee@mama3j said...

wa cantiknya tempat nii

BibiErr Karim said...

Cantik, Nang. Tapi tula dia terceruk2 sgt trus org pn xtau wujud. Eh jap, tp bole nmpk klu limpas jln d Karamunsing Kapital tu. Mula2 kmi takut masuk, manatau harga superb jilat poket. Skali tgk, ok2 jg.

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