1 February 2012

Edisi: Entri Kosong Random Habis

Just a random post here. Killing time because I have nothing better to do at the moment. Cafe adalah sunyi sepi. Feel like I'm in the middle of Sahara Desert. Yo'oh.

Did some checking on my travelling status just now. For the umpteenth time, oh yeah. Only to ensure no impediment occurs on my departure date. Alhamdulillah, so far masih ndak da restriction. And I pray hard for the status to remain the same; until forever. Wah doa!

I have yet to make final inspection of my backpackS this Sunday. Including the bag that stores the food. Aunty threw a super good 'advice' to me yesterday. "Nanti tu beg makanan ko guna simpan semua tu souvenirs dari sana". Racun ok, racun! As far as I could remember, I never mentioned of the intention to shop till I drop there. Let alone; getting souvenir. A'ah, quite  NOT  my kinda thing when I travel. Sila jangan terus jump into conclusion aku kemut & berkira, ya.

Kalau pesan pun, I will definitely think twice. And aku akan cakap straight forward either I am willing to accept the pesanan or not. So next time, kepada teman2 terchenta sila lah faham ya kalau aku mohon maaf sebab ndak dapat menunaikan request anda. I just don't wanna mess my mind trying to fulfill keinginan pesanan orang2. Hilang fokus menikmati moment menjejak negara orang kalau minda ligat menserabutkan otak; thinking of whose pesanan & what else did I forgot. Unless I said it clearly that I will try to get something. Then it would be another different case. 

Hence explain why; whenever I ask travelling friend(s) to get a fridge magnet for me...I emphasized this "ONLY if it doesn't bother u or kacau ur time there. It's ok if u didn't managed to get anything for me. U just have fun there, that's the topmost ok". Kunun lah kan jadi sangat considerate. Wachaaa!!

To be honest, I am actually so NOT very good with gift. And perhaps because I usually do take it seriously when my effort in getting something for someone went unappreciated. Like; u know what thank u means? Be grateful lah dalam aku ni payah mengasi souvenir, I still manage to buy something for u. Hatta keychain or fridge magnet sekalipun...*winking at Kizzy; the keychain collector*! A sincere smile or a thank u means lots already. I don't accept smirk nor "erm, ni lah?" kinda feedback. U don't like it, please return it back to me. I don't mind keeping it to myself  rather than having to feel bitter towards those irritating expression(s). Wah buruk siku di situ oii Bie. 

Fuh, I really thought this is just gonna be a short post. Random one. Looks like I take my statement "entri pendek bagai palsu" seriously. Oklah, sementalaah aku kesedaran yang ini sudah terlalu draggy I better stop scribbling then. Nanti aku update lagi. 

Good day everyone.


2 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

Make sure cek lg skali b4 u fly 2 KL.

BibiErr Karim said...

Kombawa for the reminder. Sila xyah singgah sini lagi. Hahahaha jangan buang tabiat sangat ye.

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