5 October 2011

Pelan Puaka

Entry ni actually sudah lama bangas dalam draft folder. Been meaning to post it but procrastination chained me tight. Baiklah...alasan masuk longkang!

Malam ni mau spend some time mengolah mengedit ayat yang tunggang langgang. Possibility untuk draft entry jadi lagi chaotic is actually high. Kerana ini blog gue hence I decided to just waive barisan2 ayat super ndak matang & replaced them with fresh update(s). Maka terhasil lah entry baru. Motif explain panjang lebar? Sila abaikan!

Today started super grouchy! Kelmarin bayar gaji sama pekerja...and hasil nan manis occurred. Please do not expect to read more about it for I won't spill anything in here. Cukup aku kasitau, aku hangin jiwa raga kepala sikit berasap keluar api. Drama! Fortunately today wasn't too busy...we managed to deal with the situation & went through one helluva day! Alhamdulillah alhamdulillah.

Solved one of my many plan(s) last night. Although Laura did asked about my short stay but she's happy I finally settled the thing. It's beyond joy! I just couldn't express how I feel right now. I feel so bless! Thank u Allah. I now have something to look forward to. Insya Allah, with Allah's will it is. Not only I have something to  look forward...it also mean I have to work extra harder from now on. Start saving. And learn to control the desire to shop. Impulsive force shall be put in the closet & locked up. Erk, purchase yang kecil2 sebagai appreciation to my nan ado achievement boleh kot. Won't use more than allowed. Harus determine, harus tegar, harus tegas. *cop mohor dimeterai*

Ntah apa motif update malam ni kan. Haru. I think draft entry I mentioned earlier akan dipublish later. Insya Allah, bergantung ama mood gue ya. Sebab aku rasa jiwa gatal2 mau publish juga. Double haru.

Ouh before I end this, just to share with u people! I am uber excited upon knowing about Ustaz Kazim's schedule to town this coming weekend. I've been listening to his lectures since last year. And selalu berangan mau dengar ceramah beliau secara live. Syukur Allah makbulkan...Insya Allah akan ambil kesempatan mengaji dengan beliau this weekend. Alhamdulillah, another worthwhile weekend.


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