29 October 2011

Patah Seribu!

Last night midnight movie date with the ladies was pretty awesome. It's been a while since we last spent time together for movie session. I watched In Time with a friend for the 920pm show...and later continue with PA 3 with them. Surely was a paranormal activity for the ladies; specially the 7months pregnant sister. 

Funny thing was, the non-pregnant ladies were the chicken-hearted. Adalah peeping dari celahan jari yet the mommy dengan selamba mata buntang meninguk macam tiada wujud perasaan takut. Most screams came from us but mostly from the 2nd row ahead of us. Mind u; they screamed & squeaked louder than us. Like no one business. They responded to every horror scenes. When the show ended, we laughed our hearts out for the fact that they were all boys!! Woot woot. 

Looking for more dates with the ladies...before the big sister 'exploded'. Grunge didn't joined us because she already watched it with Rio; the husband right after the movie hit the screen few days back. Boo hoo!!! 
My: Jiwa Laura, Jantung Mel & Raga Dolly

And definitely we're looking very much forward for the release of the film below. The franchise of The Twilight Saga. The Part 1 going to hit the theatre on Nov, 18. Few more days to come. Dup dap dup dap! Watching the trailer has made my heart beats faster...I don't know what will happen if I watch the whole part later. And yeah, this date will never include Grunge forever. It was the most terrible idea to bring an anti-TwillightSaga to watch the film together. She will; undoubtedly screw our excitement!! Positive. Unless; we are willing to hear her sarcastic & vicious comments. Before, in between & after the movie. Trust me, the ruthless part of her could immediately emerge once she heard the word Edward or Jacob. Even Bella!!

"As long as we both shall live" Part of Bella & Eward's wedding vow.

Anyways, albeit having watched the 3rd installation of PA, I actually haven't watch the 2nd one. And thanks to Dolly for her kindness, she gave me the soft copy last night. Watched part of it soon after I reached home early this morning, but was too sleepy I decided to continue watching it again tonight. Harus start dari awal...baru comel penakut! 

Going to hit the sack a bit early tonight *insya Allah* as I have tasks to accomplish tomorrow. Very very important tasks yet I totally forgot about it until this morning! I haven't prepare a thing for the event yet. Lucky it starts at 3pm so I guess I still have plenty of times to settle everything. Will get the marinate thingy done by tonight. All cooking & whatnot preparations shall take place tomorrow morning. Pheww. 


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5 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

the moment i saw muka si PONDS di post ini
automatically sa mcm mo ketawa bergulik2 sambil mo ckp something unsuitable for below 18
glowing edward
njoy the movie a
hopefully their daugther is NORMAL

BibiErr Karim said...

Erk, do I know u?

lola said...

hahahah punya SSSSS komen kau idah! LOL how dare u!

lola said...

i'm 8 months + bahhhhhhhhh haha jangan kasi reverse n delay my labour sa panat sudha lol

BibiErr Karim said...

Laks, ko kenal tu yg komen paling atas? Sy xkenal ooo. Hahahaha.

Ouh 8 months+ ka? Adedediiii ok2 xmau kasi delay & reverse. Kita lump sum, 9 months suda. LOL

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