20 October 2011

Oh yeah Oh yeah!!

The bank was my next stop after veggie market this morning. Was there to settle Fuchy's annual insurance fee & road tax. So much of dilly-dally, the road tax will expire tomorrow. I've been carrying the money for more than a month already I merely forgot what its allocated for. Comel gila alasan. Lucky I didn't spend the money on something unworthy; else I'll be crying endlessly filled with regret.

Was beyond exulted when the counter lady told me the overall amount I have to pay. Phew I've allocated few hundreds extra than the amount I should pay. Alhamdulillah! I seriously thought it's gonna be the same amount like Ken's first renewal, few years ago. I forgot Ken was involved in a accident in her first year & I had to claimed the insurance to fix her. Hence, the no discount on the insurance renewal. Fuchy holds a clean record; so yeah...discount given! Syukur...more money saved for the trip. And a little bit of shopping perhaps.

I can't help but to make the big wide grin stuck on my face; up until I reached the cafe. Even my workers wondered what's with my unusual smile. Gue lagi happy dong! Happy yang happy gaban! Simply delighted with how things work for me right now. Thank You Allah, thank You Allah.

In order to mark this pleasing day, I summoned myself to purchase few express scarves to wear to the cafe. I had enough with mother's stare each time I entered her room & 'kidnap' her scarf. Kedekut gaban, siap jeling2 oh aku jiwa menahan geram. Erk, dasar peminjam ndak kesedaran diri. Sila abaikan statement bingai. And I also bought few inner scarves to match my cotton shawls. Ndak rasa membazir langsung. Titik!

Pssst...aren't those jackets/coats from MyClosett above melt ur heart away? I am/was trying oh so hard to reduce banish the temptation!! Yet...uhuk uhuk.

I'll continue later; sakit tekak batuk kering terus sudah ni. *continue coughing*


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