23 September 2011

Perhatian si Kizzy & Ernie

p/s: Semua kerana anda wahai cik Kizzy! Hati aku macam mengeget rindu sumandak itu!!

Deary bestie; Ernie Khairina & her lil family left for UK last Saturday. They're gonna stay there for about a year  because her husband further his study there. Hence haruslah mommy & the handsome Aariz mengikut jejak. To quote one of Ernie's inspirational statement "Because Daddy is where our hearts belong to..." Sangat gula kan? It's not surprising if out of a sudden in between conversation she came with such words. For she has always been like that ever since I knew her; erm...16 years back. 

It's been a long journey in our friendship...and never did once I ever regretted knowing her. Such beautiful soul; greatest gift from Allah the Almighty. I am indeed grateful. Thanks for being a great friend, woman! 

She went back to her hometown; Ranau for Eid & we were supposed to meet on her last day in KK. That was a week before her departure to UK. But we human can only plan & it is Allah who determines. I didn't get to meet her & yes; terkilan.

Whenever I go down to Kolumpur, she is among the person whom I look for. Harus arrange meeting. Sometimes, tertunai & sometimes we just had to cancel due to various reasons. Nonetheless, we never lose contact with each other. Regardless the distance & how busy we are with our lives...we tried our best to uphold the friendship close to our heart. Woot terbukti berhasil up to this moment.

I wish my dream to pay her a visit next year will come true. Insya Allah. Laura is so excited upon knowing my dream. She google-d about the city & offered to help me plan my route. Oh bless all those beautiful souls in my life. 

1999 - Sekolah Sains Selangor, Cheras. 
Before the tuition class begins. Picture session is always a must-do to us. 

2009 - Shah Alam, Selangor. 
I went down there mainly to heal the broken heart. Stayed there for nearly 2months; jobless some more! Pijut, remember this? Kita berjimba before ur final exam bah kan. 

2010 - San Francisco Steak House, Bangi. 
Attended an exam for an RA post. Met her before the exam & luncheon was on her. She was 3months+ pregnant at this time. Looking all radiant & glowing!

2011 - KKIA
Meeting the cheeky Aariz at the airport before their flight back to Kolumpur. It was my first time meeting him...and my, we clicked in an instant. Aunty Err sayang Aariz!!

Hope all is well with them right now. Ernie's husband is now officially a university student. He had himself registered this morning with Ernie & Aariz as his loyal companions. Pembakar semangat perlu ada berdekatan untuk marak kan api kesungguhan! 

This may sound cliché but I still want to say it out loud here...I bloody miss her already. Terasa gila berabis jauh saat ini. Erk, memang jauh kot! I guess I just have to be satisfied with the way we communicate now. She hardly get to go online & I pray this won't last long. U take care lady. Be good.


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11 hollered!:

Anonymous said...

Ada satu baju kau aku macam pernah nampak di KL, Bie.

Ernie Khairina said...

as.ta.ga tu gambar 1999..bukan sa bah tu kan hahaha

oits ko ni jan ba bikin sa mo menangis. terharu oh..

datang sini capatt! tq tq tq. love this entry

BibiErr Karim said...

@Ijan: Ohooo yg baju kurung kan? Harusla mak ko punye aku songlap pinjam jap.

@Ernie: Hahahaha kita2 la tu. Zaman gurungot. Seriously kmi rindu ko. Aduh suda jau2 baru mikirayou kan. Insya Allah nnt suda settle sy beli tix, I will let u know. Prob Jun/Jul 2012 ah. xxxx

ochs widdle said...

ohoi..rupanya kita sekolah sebelah2..
kite sekolah teknik kl..hehee

tapi, if kamu form 5 tahun 1999, maknenya kamu adalah supersenior lah nih

BibiErr Karim said...

Ahaks. Kitorg menumpang je kat SSS tu. Under scholar Yayasan Sabah, time cuti kitorang ada program. So harus berkumpul reramai. And paling penting, menumpang skolah orang. Aku skolah kat Shah Alam dlu. Yg dlm gambar tu ada budak Tunku Kurshiah, SMAP Kajang, CheTom Kedah.

Ops sila jgn kira umur. Da bertambah2! LOL

Anonymous said...

Errr, itu aku punya lah Bie.

BibiErr Karim said...

Laaa ko punya ke...patut aku iron bagi terbakar aritu. TaKlajar.

ochs widdle said...

ohh..shah alam kat mana?

BibiErr Karim said...

Dulu Sekolah Projek...skang da tukar nama jadi Seksyen 11. Ahaks.

Ernie Khairina said...

sekolah depan maktab saya....hihihi :)

BibiErr Karim said...

Si Gadik ni kan. Hihihi sy sekolah depan maktab ko. Trus dkt sma tu Downtown lg. Ok dlu2 xda Downtown. Haha.

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