30 September 2011

Mengalirnya Duit kuuuuuuuuuuu!

Plan was to left cafe early today...but I got carried away with the inventory task I decided to prolong my stay at the office until 7pm. Nahas balik jam 5 ok, harus aku pengsan dalam machet. Not to mention baskets of swear words vomited. 

Reached home thirty minutes passed 7. Took my shower & get ready...all in rush! Thank God albeit the slow traffic movement along the road to 1Borneo, mother & I arrived eventually. An hour before the fair ended. It's not like I cannot go to the fair later since the fair ended on Sun. But I have things to do in the weekend hence I decided to go tonight. A must-completed plan it is. 

And so I did buy the things I've said in the previous entry. An external HD, checked. *nangis darah as I couldn't find any FINK hd* New upgraded memory card for Mr. Sam; checked! Bought another for Blackie. An antivirus that was told could protect the lappy, the hardisc & also any external storage connected to Ms. Asus. Wah shopping sakan nampak. Oh tidak, ini investment paling bijak. Sakit kepala no more should the same problem as the  previous HD occurred because the new one backup my datas automatically each time I connect it to Ms. Asus. Woot!

Alhamdulillah. Rezeki dari Allah. Grunge gave me something when she came to the cafe for lunch yesterday. And I've 'spend' it wisely...save them all for future plan(s). 
IF only I could just bring home those stuffs above...harus aku lah makhluk paling gumbira. If only...without having to make the mind worry about other things, without having the guilty conscience, or without having to justified my impulsive act. 
E'eh...the number 5 & 8 sync lah. I got 2 free Mc'D vouchers worth RM10 & a mouse from the external HD & Antivirus purchased. Memory card for Mr. Sam...more pictures can be stored now! *jump jump joyously* No more worries of what pictures to remove when prompted to clear some unwanted items in the phone. Oh yeah, 8GB jak lah aku mampu beli tapi. Syukurlah nak dari tiada. Pfftt.
This is the main reason why do I go beyond excited with the fair this time. I tried so hard searching for the colour of my dream...but to no avail. For now, I settled with the silver colour instead but still holding high hope that I'll find a fink cover somewhere else soon. Lagi senang kalau dapat bantuan kasih sayang dari sahabat2 di Kolumpur. Melampau kan tu request.

Ok gotta hit the sack now...catering job tomorrow! I is like.


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4 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

sorry teda sampul pink

BibiErr Karim said...

Wakakakakak! It's ok sbb isi dia FINK. Ngek tq tq.

Anonymous said...

Berapa GB ni Bie?
Aku pun nak beli baru.
Full sudah HD lama aku.


BibiErr Karim said...

500GB...nak rembat 1TB tapi aku sedar diri xmampu nak beli. Harharhar.

Full pun ko xpena nak bg aku movies dlm tu. Yg ko transfer dari HD aku still ada ka? Mau lah sinc HD lama tu suda hampas! Membawa virus jak lebey.

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