27 September 2011

Berehat sebentar...

Oh my, it's Monday already??! What happened to Saturday & Sunday? Was I too occupied with life I didn't realized time has passed by. Drama! But seriously, I mean it. I was indeed shocked when mother called me early this morning...asking me to go to the veggie market near home prior going to the cafe. I was like...are u for real that today is Monday? pfftt hemo hemo.

Don't get me wrong. I wasn't complaining nor regretting. I was just hmm...wondering how was my weekend. To be truth, I enjoyed my weekend to bits! Every single second of it. No feeling of regret at all. 

Busy nights completing orders from dearest friends have finally end. Alhamdulillah for the rezeki ya Rabb. I can now spend time playing with the children. Bliss! And I shall start making the makmur requested by Kakak Besar in any of these days.

The Apam Polkadot ordered by Dana. 
Was supposed to delivered on Weds, but I misread the message & sent them to her PIL's house a day before the event. Lucky apam tu boleh tahan lama. sigh I know, it's literally a sign telling that I'm getting older. 
Door gift ordered by Grunge for the reception at KDCA Hall, Penampang. She picked them at my house the night before the reception. 
Someone crave for Indian cuisine last Saturday evening. *clearing throat* Hence we settled the craving at Kohinoor, Waterfront. To date it is the only restaurant in KK that serve the best cheese naan. It is my opinion...solely mine. Araso?

On another note; I have to limit my expenses for the coming month. No shopping nor splurging until further notice from the Tuan Badan. Fuchy needs to renew it's road tax & insurance next month hence the sudden Thrift Campaign. I've make up my mind on the plan to visit Ernie in her new place. Perhaps in the month of Jun or July next year. Finally the mind has agreed to sync with what the heart wants. Yay!!

Insya Allah sekali juga berjumpa Miss Jay; dear ex coursemate during my undergrad. I last met her at our convocation 4 years back. It has reeeeeeeally been a while. Jay is currently doing her Phd in Manc Uni & she is all over excited upon being informed about my plan to crush her place. 'Save money..." is the words that should ring every now & then in my head. 

With too many plans ahead...I pray I will be given a long life to worship more & fulfil my dream(s). Amin. 


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Nurul Aima Hj Kaim said...


Anonymous said...

Bibie, apam tulah yang aku nak.
Aku suke, sodappppp!
Buatkan aku plissssssssssss LOL


BibiErr Karim said...

@Aima: Thanks beb! Tu ari mau juga aku join Raya Gathering HCS sna 1B tu tapi kebetulan ada wedding same time. Photoshoot tu pun sma. Ada hal. Ish, kalau ndak bole kita jmpa2 kan. Aku teringin jmpa ko & si As tu di luar blog ah.

@Ijan: Nak buatkan ko mmg la bole. Malam ni pun bole kot. Tapi masalah problem, mcmn nak pos bg ko. Bertuah nye kajen!

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