8 June 2011

Syukur...selamat sampai!

Alhamdulillah...arrived Kolumpur in one piece. Despite the heavy rain prior my departure. And it even drizzled when I landed KLIA just now. Smooth landing; not bad for my first flight with firefly*. And I like their uniform; specially the top. The only downturn was the VPL. Aduyai basic lesson pula tu. The ladies in AA pun mostly macam tu juga. Pelik. Didn't they have grooming class or something? Ok no further comment about that. Let's change the topic.

Anyways, apart from having visited by the flu & average fever...I chose to hit the cinema for X-Men First Class movie session. Been meaning to watch ever since it's premiere but luck wasn't on my side. Full house for 3 consecutive days. I gave up & coaxed myself I'm gonna watch it only in weekday. Considering I'll be away for days, I decided to watch it with mother this afternoon. She has followed X-Men film series since the very beginning hence fulfilling her request is sort of my responsibility.

Fyi, I brought 3 pieces of cakes & 10 pieces of egg tarts on board just now. Cousins; each requested a cake.

Naked Red Velvet for the little cousin. It was a recipe meant for cupcake but I poured the batter into the pan to save my solo cups. Ok fine...kedekut!

Egg tarts for the favorite cousin...pilih kasih kah? NOT. He's the main reason I learned how to make this. He mentioned egg tart for like hundred of times everytime we chatted. When I suggested cheese tart, he still spell the word EGG TART. And being a good kakak that I am to the cousins; I put my dearest determination to learn! Bravo.

Mini version of choc sheet cakes on the left is for someone special. Who has been asking me about the cake since forever. Kunun aku baik hati ndak mau orang tu kempunan kan. And oh, the other 1 is for Grunge & Rio. Bribe Grunge with the cake so she will send me to the airport...poyo alasan.

I need to hit the sack like; now! It's gonna be a long journey tomorrow. Please dear flu...subside! Don't spoil my holiday. Have some mercy on me will u? Leave the husky sexy voice *bluek*...but not the phlegm. Go visit someone else like what dear fever did. Come back later some other time. Erk? Alah sakit tu kifarah kan.

Moga kami selamat pergi & kembali. Insya Allah.

4 hollered!:

ochs widdle said...

wah.bestnye bie..
u got so many time to baked..huhu.
anyway..bie wat pe kat kl?holidayy?
my cousin last week baru register kat unimas

isabelle said...

dah terer baking mcm2 ni. boleh kawen...eh..boleh buka bakery ni

BibiEr Karim said...

@Cha: So many time to bake sbb skg ni cuti sem. Tapi bila sem da buka balik, I hope I can still bake mcm skg. Hihi lepak KL for holiday. Jmpa kengkawan.

@Belle: Buka bakery xmampu lg kot. Takut xmenjadi. Hahaha.

kizzy tf said...

hehe sdh tgk x men? aku sudah. ;p
ba pigi sana bawa kicen ah.
take care.

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