7 June 2011

Beh blog jadual kunun!

Tomorrow I'll be off to Kolumpur with this spotty reddish skin face. And I haven't pack anything as yet. I have not even start picking what clothes to bring. Whenever I go out of state I tend to pack my things at least 2 weeks prior my departure. I used to be freaking paranoid of forgetting to bring every important things I might need when I'm away. And yeah, I often ended up bringing truckload of stuffs. Obviously the YS personnel who handle me during my school year named me "The Overweight Luggage Girl" NOT for nothing. I never failed to amuse her every time I check in my luggage at that time. The number printed on the scale always bring out her best grin. NOT. Lucky enough, back then when u travel in big group...overweight wasn't quite an issue.

Praise be to the Almighty, as I grow more mature *clearing throat* I managed to overcome that illness. I try to travel light these days...although there are times I can't help but to exceed the limit of weight allocated per passenger. I paid the fine & regret later because I know what I packed in the bag. I'm still learning on how to deal with the paranoiac me. I indeed know restless, anxious & uneasy kinda feelings brought bad aura to the system. In which will eventually fagged the mind. Hence I am trying my best to overcome it.

Will be away for a week. Alhamdulillah another Kolumpur visit. It's the only place I could afford to go these days. Too tight a budget to go somewhere out of the country for the time being. I need to save up for my 2012 holiday trip. Another 8 months to go...I wish I won't be tempted by the sales going in Kolumpur & spend away all my saving next week. Please focus Bie. A little shopping sounds good though. U ain't gonna buy my words if I told u I didn't shop at all. ^__^

The hanger to hang my hundred many shawls is definitely the most priority thing to purchase. Also the white toyol standing lamp at Ikea*. And a novel titled Kasih yang Suci which I will get from MPH. And maybe a couple of long cardigans to settle my crave for retail therapy. That's all I'm gonna buy this time around. No more "opps I did again" incidents like before. Let's pray I will be able to restrain myself from buying more. Power is in ur hands Bie...it's either u want to do it or lose to ur lust.

I was briefed *like duh* about my one-week-schedule by the cousins & friends there. Touch down Sepang land at approximately 10pm. I'll just take the express train to Kl Sentral as I don't wanna trouble anyone. My so-called holiday will commence on early Thurs morning. Insya Allah. Will be spelunking the Gua Tempurung in Gopeng, Perak with the cousins. A 3km long cave which involve hiking & walking. And perhaps crawling? My only wish is for me to get out of the cave in one piece. On Fri, I'll have luncheon date with close friends during my undergrad. And baking tools hunting in the evening at Bake with Yen. *this plan has somehow pump my adrenaline level up up up* On Sat, pot-luck lunch gathering with friends from high school. And will rush to Nilai in the evening to fetch cousin there as we're going to Putrajaya on Sun. Guess what's going on there? Oh yeah, AF final concert. Please know I'm not an avid fan of AF. Reason we're going is because there will be a bazaar held before the concert. And since the admission is free then why miss the opportunity, right. I just wanna spend some quality time with the cousins. Also, I'll be fetching Kakak Besar at the airport that night. She'll be in KL for a training course.

Next Mon, I have date with bestie Dot to either Genting Highland or Bukit Tinggi. She hasn't decide where to bring me as yet. I'll have luncheon date with Farah & Ernie on Tues. Dinner date with Filiz & family in the evening. Heading to Shah Alam on Weds...holding high hope to have lunch with Ms. Belle. Ok plan ni aku belum canang sama lecturer gigi putih melepak tu. I just hope she reads this & marks her diary right away. Else, nangis darah if she has other plan already. And penutup acara makan, dinner with the family on Weds evening as I'll be off to the airport in the afternoon the next day. Flight at 0300. Phew that's my not so packed jadual. Filled with meeting friends.

Kolumpur holiday also means the beginning of a session where I stuffed myself with sinful foods! One will feel sorry if they found out what I feed my tummy whenever I'm there. But sambal belacan is the 1 very important thing I shall NEVER allow to enter my system. Nasi kerabu is ok, as well as nasi lemak. As long as there's no consumption of something that could trigger the 'itchy mite' to be more active.

Fret not, I'll be heading to the pharmacy right after work this evening...thanks to Ms. Dana for the list of allergic pills she suggested me. I hope 1 of them could befit me as I do have allergic to certain med as well.

Above all, I pray for my safe journey. Pergi & balik dengan redha Nya. Insya Allah, amin.


2 hollered!:

lola said...

i want red carpet! LOL

BibiEr Karim said...

Pink pun ok ba tu kan.

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