13 February 2011

Gila bangun awal

Breathing Kolumpur air at the moment. And missing KK at the same time. Poyo harus. Bercuti keluar town mahu...tapi kerinduan macam hampas.

Anyway, mother & I landed LCCT early yesterday's morning. Early as in 1am. Reached KL Sentral nearly 3am...where cousin; Capik picked us up. Gue capek banget. Woke up early few hours later, badan masih lenguh. Kuatkan semangat rentas Saturday market at Jalan TAR. A must visit place every time I went down to Kolumpur. Shawl & scarf hunting; harus main purpose.

Met a friend in the afternoon & tukar date pula later that evening. Mau tercabut kepala lutut kalau terus berjalan with the 2 sisters; mother & Angah. Seluruh pelusuk Masjid Jamek di-explore. Not to forget, Angah's favorite spot. Sogo mall. Ugh. Went back home at 10pm...after not so light dinner, off I went to bed. Terbangun baik punya awal hence the oh-so-early post. Darn it. Tapi best sebab I am sleep deprive no more.

And Alhamdulillah...I managed to settle the thing I intended to put a closure at. Syukran Allah for the guts conferred. Makaseh to 'you' for understanding. Ur words yesterday mean to world to me. I really hope we could remain friend. Please do not stop all the advices & banters because darl they have great impacts on the decision I make. So far. They somehow influenced & shape my thought. Therefore, please take the dot away from our friendship. I know exactly what u feel but thing that is not meant to be; will never work regardless how hard u struggle. We've tried our best to flow with the nature course...and apparently we dived the opposite current. We work best only when we're friend because we became our worst nightmare when we date.

Ok enough with the 'dedication speech'. Lets jamu mata.

Oh my God...these are the reason why I can't literally erase Kolumpur out of my system. As much I dislike the idea of settling down here...these I could never resist; for life!

My late luncheon date with Dot at Mid Val. Thanks babe for understanding my craziness over Nandos.

Lemon & herb = Not so brave. But I'd say it's a smart choice as I have my own secret to relish the food. Mixture of all their sauces but minus the ketchup = heaven!

It's been EONS since I last purchased something familiar to this. I uber miss wearing killer heels / stilettos. Mode: Berangan pigi cafe bergaya sakan. Mr JP harus pengsan tekujat lepas tu. Ahaks.

Berjaya TS is where I'm heading today. Kalau jumpa lagi seperti pink yang di atas; harus aku pening lalat muntah darah buat decision. Tulun...tulun!

Bie, perlu saving wei untuk future plan; ingat itu.


7 hollered!:

in THE name OF the WHO said...

tinggi tahap dewa tu heels
klu la size kaki kita sama
sa suru ko pajak wedges byk2

BibiEr Karim said...

Oh yeah. Pink mcm si Darling color dia. Kecantikkan sy tgk tp apakan daya sy xdpt fikir when is the appropriate time utk pakai. Ahaks. Bini Mawi & the twins pun shopping di Vincci ah. Same taste plak kami itu!

isabelle said...

aisey..kalo i tau u pegi shawl hnting, i dah order dah...

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihi aktiviti wajib klu turun KL. Hunting benda alah yg dah mmg berlambak kat ruma.

lola said...

omg i want that heels! beli ok thanksssssss

kizzy tf said...

oiiiii balik la! jgn lama2 sana, sebab ada org perlu ditembak di sini.

BibiEr Karim said...

@Laks: Wakakakak mari cari sna 1B sja bah. But I think this same as urs; the black yg Emy 'forced' u to buy.

@Kizzy: Peluru aku xckup kuat ba ni. Biarla tu, karma is sweet. It will get that him 1 day. Muaxxx.

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