2 January 2011

cough cough

2011 has just begin...yet I already have to be under the weather. Battling with flu & fever. Annnnnd cough. Angah didn't left KK leaving nothing behind. Right now mother, Girl & I have to endure with the viruses she left. Girl's been vomiting since last night. Mother's been sneezing. Whilst me, shivering from fever also coughing non stop.

I didn't get to sail back to dreamland after SuPra. Hence I decided to just kill time on the bed. Doing practically nothing. Fever has subsided by now...only itchy throat & wooziness I have to deal with. Alhamdulillah though for the unwellness. For it vanishes my venial sins.

Will be going to the car wash center near home to bathe Darling. Her body is fully covered with dust & she's been super dull for the past 2 weeks. Poor her. I refused the idea to bathe her right after returning from Ranau last Thurs. Because it's been raining almost everyday so I guess it would only be a waste to wash her. The sun hasn't show itself today, it would probably rain anytime soon. But I will still proceed with the plan to wash her. Tomorrow, cafe will be open. Harus lah kan Darling mau kelihatan bersih.

The staffs are at the cafe now. Cleaning & setting up the equipments before we start the business tomorrow. Gue akan kembali berlakon sibuk. Mother will spend most of her time at the new kedai makan in Sepanggar. Definitely; the word 'alone & bored at home' will be my tagline soon. uhuk uhuk redha gue.


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