1 December 2010

Hello December

Officially down with fever. I had to force myself to get up because I couldn't stand the heat produced by the body by cocooning myself under the duvet. It makes me sicker...nobody layan me when I'm sick because I enjoyed being extra cranky & fussy. Yang macam mau makan penampar. Super annoying. I tend to increase my DQ being when I get sick. Ahaks.

Started with toothache since last night. And yeah, neither plan A nor B were executed. Energy was fully deteriorating. Lied on bed after MagPra...took a short nap to recharge myself. Woke up few hours later with tummy dangdut-ing. And since I've restricted any carbs & fats to enter the system last night, I opted for salad instead. Did the dressing myself & shared half the portion with mother. I was pretty sure I was recovering because I woke up this morning; feeling afresh albeit a bit dizzy. The tooth still ache & the right cheek started to bulge.

Because I have things to settle regarding work, I tried my best to ignore the unwell body. Pulled a happy healthy face. Drove to and fro UMS-KK; hiding the achy muscles, aching tooth & explosive head in my magic Doraemon's pouch. Had luncheon date with beloved sisters; Laura & Grunge. Fyi ladies, I didn't chewed my fried meehoon. Because I can't stand the throbbing pain in my gum, I just swallowed them up. Wasn't it the cutest thing?

Promised Maya to watch Rapunzel together tonight. But I have to blow it off. I is feeling uber guilty for breaking the promise. Don't wanna get iller by getting out at night hence I had to cancel. Only Maya, mommy & daddy go. Sob sob sob...I'm showing very bad example to that little missy. Gonna make it up with her once I'm 'normal' & back to kicking the floor.

Am all alone at home right now. Can't do anything heavy. Sila muntah darah sekalian alam. I refuse to lie on the bed anymore; head gets dizzier. And the toothache didn't get any better either. Wearing my favorite mud-green sweater & bro's black socks...I decided to go online & update the blog. Regardless the wooziness.

Checked the mailbox upon arriving home this evening, and found a white envelope with my name written on it. I seriously thought it was the appreciation letter/card from MAKNA send to me monthly. Hated myself for being such a non-sensitive friend...turned out it's a wedding invitation from dear Dot. The reason why I'm flying to Kolumpur next month. The wedding in which I'll be one of her gorgeous bridesmaids.

Front cover.

Invitation for the reception.

Special invitation for the solemnization at her house. I'm gonna drive all the way to Rawang on the said date; dragging along cousin sister Ezza. Harus bawa PA sign mati.

Can't wait for the wedding. Jadi emo sikit upon reading the card's content. I text her to inform that I've received the card & she called straight away. As always, we talked like there's no tomorrow. Nasib lah battery kong. Oh I miss those times I spent with her, Ruby & Tihah at our rented house in Pantai Dalam. 13 more days to go before hitting the Peninsular land. Initial plan to go hu-ha with Laura in Kolumpur was cancelled this afternoon. She'll be there a day earlier than me...and back to KK 3 days after. Which mean, schedule kami clash. I'm driving straight to Penang few hours after arriving Sepang. Berjimba di sana bersama sepupu sepapat. Tambun's holiday hanya anganan, hampas betul si Ezza tukar venue tetiba.


2 hollered!:

kizzy tf said...

wahh p KL lagi kau...best2~ aku pun mau p penang! tp tahun depan. haha!

BibiEr Karim said...

Aku jadi pengepit kawin kawan aku babe. Ya ke Penang knun, kazen aku last min tukar plan. Hampas.

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