13 December 2010


Alhamdulillah. The tooth finally decided to lessen the aching attack. If yesterday, the upper right gum got swollen...today, early in the morning the lower left gum took over the pain. I can hardly chew my food. AS IF that will stop me from stuffing Miss Tummy.

Regardless the aching tooth & swelling gums, I've been eating like a pure glutton the whole last week. Oh wait, I've told u that before. And NO, it hasn't stop yet. The 'jom melantak' mission needs to continue until next week. Right,right...neeext week will it absolutely ends.

A visit to Penang this Weds wouldn't be as great as I want it to be IF I keep the 'food' part aside, yes? Penang is known for it's sinful foods so I guess saying NO would be rude enough. Ezza plans to bring me to the far-famed nasi kandar stall there. Whilst I demand myself to try their local delicacies as much as I could. And that excluding the rice part. Assam laksa definitely tops my list. Will try the nasi kandar but only the dishes of course. 2010 hasn't end yet & I will stick to my resolution no matter how persuasive the cousins would be. Rice is still a big no-no for 2010. Period...and end with an exclamation mark. Araso?

At last! I've finalized my packing. Most important item to bring, that is the bridesmaid's dress which I'll wear on the wedding. Kan jadi penyepit bride; it's the main reason why I fly to Kolumpur this time. I've finished every bits of tasks mother assigned me. Laundry; checked. House vac-ed & mopped; checked. The only unchecked thing is Darling. She hasn't been bathe for nearly a week already. No, I ain't blaming the weather. Because it was me who pretended as if I forgot to cleanse her as I was too busy entertaining myself with online games & attending wedding during my free times. I thought of sending her to the car-wash center near the house yet I was too sluggish to move my little-self.

Didn't bring too many shawls this time. Erk since when aku bawa banyak shawl kalau ke Kota Lumpur? Jalan TAR has been waiting for my arrival ever since I was told I'll be one of the penyepit. Poyo! And I have shawls to collect from Ernie @EKC as well. Might be meeting K'Eryn & Collin; friends back from high school when I went down to Jalan TAR as their office is just a spit away. Harap ndak lah aku memborong. Sila percaya.

I'm fully recharged for my trip. Just can't wait to land my feet there. Apekehei kau macam rusa masuk kampung nak ke sana kali ni Bie? A'ha...perhaps wonderful things are about to sparkle this time. Fact that I'm gonna meet my 'strengths' added the excitement.

Tooooooooo bad I'll be of late in meeting the latest member of PPGFs; Tia Kyla.

Oh my God...I can't find the exact words to express how happy I am. Ni baru gambar, aku girigitan sendiri. Wait till I meet her for real; hijau ni kena gigit. Confirmed!

Yup, Unang gave birth to a super cute-ness baby girl last Saturday. Since all the members were tied with workloads & some went out of town for outstations...none of us have met her yet. I'll be away for nearly 2 weeks therefore terpaksa gigit jari telan fakta the rest gonna meet & get to hold her first. Kejam! Harus ndak sabar untuk balik KK juga...yay!

Insya Allah, selamat pergi selamat kembali. Doa-in gue ya.

Indahnya nikmat Kau beri ya Allah...aku bersyukur untuk semuanya. Tiap satu, tiap inci.


5 hollered!:

isabelle said...

pegi penang, kalo xmakan sana sini, kira x remaja la beb.
go try all places recommended

BibiEr Karim said...

Belle, any suggestion other than nasi beratur tu? I nak g melawat historical places...doakan I xsesat ye.

ochs widdle said...

nak culik bulih?

BibiEr Karim said...

@Cha: Culik sy ke? Hahaha ok perasan di situ. Jom culik baby comel itu bersama2. Geram!!

Anonymous said...

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