2 December 2010

Aslan-ing Dicancel

First & foremost!

Gila sedih frust tertonggeng nangis darah! Date with Pevensie's siblings tonight has to be postpone. Full house for the 9pm show; both Suria & CP cinemas. Only goat class seat available in which is a big NO-NO for me. I am devastated to the very core! Have promised Edmond & Lucy earlier; that is to join them in the quest rescuing the 7 lost lords of Narnia. Mission to save Narnia would be of late for I can only join them tomorrow. Oh my, I miss Aslan so very much. And Prince Caspian as well. Start lagak gedik. This is gonna be their last time ever of visiting Narnia...and seeing Aslan for sure. I could sense, another sad ending of a story after Dobby's death will the movie be. sigh.

Ok, on another note. I'm slowly getting my pink health back. Alhamdulillah. The purplish tablets mother forced me to swallow last night did magic to my aching tooth. Not that it has heal completely...but at least, the pain lessen. No more throbbing headache. Only the swollen gum & muscle-ache. I still can't chew my food. Hence I'll have to be extra careful on what food to enjoyed next time. Porridge definitely won't be in the menu. So I guess, jelly & soup will do.

Despite being unwell, I still go to the office to settle some work. Need to get everything ready for the payday tomorrow. And more good news, I'm uber grateful upon knowing there is finally; a progress on my claim with the uni. Dapatlah gue bercuti dengan dada lapang next week. Alhamdulillah.


2 hollered!:

isabelle said...

meh la sini, kita pi tengok sama2.
err..u leh tlg babysit adam kan?kuikuikui

BibiEr Karim said...

Klu pi tgk sma2...mcmn nak babysit Adam? Tapi nk jmpa ur lil Adam. Geram tgk cheekiness dia tu.

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