31 October 2010

Weekend Gue

Dari kelmarin guna khidmat superwalkertapaki a.k.a berjalan kaki. Sikit patah pinggeng gue. But it was one helluva weekend for moi. Syukur.

Alhamdulillah. Weekend mission was a success. Bought 3 tops from Roupa Booth yesterday. One of them is for mother. Getting one for her was in the list because she's been pestering every now & then about not having any proper tops to wear to work.

Cousins...tripping at Megalong, Dongs.

Today, accomplishment of the mission to hunt dress for beloved cousin's big day wrapped up my weekend. Bliss.

Bathe Darling at Wisma Merdeka...had breakfast at Peppermint Cafe, Gaya Street...started off the dress hunting at Wisma; later to Centre Point; then to Warisan; afterwards to Karamunsing...mother & aunt bought their dresses at Karamunsing. Finally a purchase. Turned back to Warisan where I got mine. Phew harus letih patah tulang belulang. Lucky I was smart enough to wear flats...kalau ndak, ada tu tumit bengkak berpecah euw sangat bidak ok.

While on the way to WM. Slow traffic movement at Gaya St. area is normal on Sunday morning. And it's also normal for me to click & click & smile...ngeh~~

New 'members' for the wardrobe. Nikmat untuk orang bekerja...serious happy giler nampak hasil titik peluh. Oh please just ignore the poyo-ness.

While waiting for the rest getting ready...harus sesi ini ambil port.

Psst; adalah mencuba mentry style baru. The younger brother said nothing upon seeing me with the new style...which I presumed as positive feedback. Oh yeah...he will definitely comment if it looks horrible. Because he enjoyed appointing himself as my 'fashion judge'. I trust his sense of fashion more than mine.

IF he says I looked like an ugger in certain new style I tried...I'll take his words in earnest. Walau sometimes I chose to just neglect his bongos comment...bah mau jugakan mencuba walau tau ndak sesuai. It's in every women gene ok. Hence please set the mind & bear with the complexity already. Nah emo tiba2.


10 hollered!:

-Kyeko- said...

oololoooloooo..muka tu bah...so sweet :P :P

BibiEr Karim said...

Ko tgk tu menguluk lagi ah. Ish btl2 memuji kaitu? Hahaha bah mmg sweet pula tu. Nah kau perasan kentut sna.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

OMGosh..mmg ismart....iserius.. nampak ayu gitew..anyway, where's mine from Roupa....hahahah....

BibiEr Karim said...

Ismart? Well sy mmg tau suda tu. LOL LOL

Nothing for u from Roupa sbb suma pn mmg idaman kalbu beta. Ngeh~~

in THE name OF the WHO said...

iskedekut sekali..wkakak..nda ba.. mo singgah megalong ba yesterday but schedule jam packed with wedding to attend... pny banyak INVESTMENT sa utk this month only..wakakakakak

BibiEr Karim said...

Iskedut isapa..janji sy dpt apa sy mo. Syukur!

Investment kau utk kami mana? Ni mlm ah sna BCC...thanksssss.

in THE name OF the WHO said...

sa cko ko iskedeku nda share2 harta Tuhan...ngehehehhe..nda ba..

investment ang pow kawen la... ramai tul kawen...hahahahahah

BibiEr Karim said...

Oit share harta mcm makanan ok. Tp dress ko last nite sgt cntk & sy awal2 ckp THANKS kama tu ah.

Wakakakak invest itu sy paham. Tp sy tnya bila lg ko mo invest sma kami ni. LOL

in THE name OF the WHO said...

bunguk..ko invest dulu sm sa baru invest sm ko..

ko tau dress memel, SAYA MUAT!!!! YESHHHH!!!!!

BibiEr Karim said...

Muat kunun. Pinjam sy bilang tu. Jgn buat2 xdgr or xdpt baca araso.

Investment mmg utk ko dluan. Jgn risau, 10ikur karabau sy sponsor nnt. Karabau lukisan ok bah kan.

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