16 October 2010

U gotta remember this darl!

Alhamdulillah the internet connection at home has been restored. Muntah darah lah kau online ni malam nak. Thanks to me for being extra annoying with the personnel this morning. I lodged a complain regarding the failure. At first, she tried to bulled me with some absurd excuses. But apparently she took my words seriously. I told her I will proceed the complain to the higher level should no action be taken with my internet connection. Considering the line is finally connected...I shall say goodbye to the plan then. Speaking of evilness ya'll.

Anyways, I chatted with Eda just now. Friend whom I knew back in my UniMalaya. And we became close during the 2nd year of our study there. Together with Jay & Ruby. Eda told me about how she easily forgot about most of the beautiful things in the past. Being the person among us whom; with the most robust memory box especially 'made' to preserve the past & ensure them remain intact, she requested me to blog about it. Biar sikit janji apa aku post could bring her back to those memories. Quite though a job I would say.

And I've got a better idea rather than portraying them in words. To save time composing...I chose to upload pictures & put a line or two captions for each. Easy & simple. Hah ni kira cabaran tau Eda because it's very impossible to not be able to recall the past through pictures. Nak bagi ur mind bekerja lebih masa sikit...ngeh~~

So here go the pictures...in random order they are. Ohh some pictures uploaded are intended for reminiscing purpose as well as some might not involved u. Simply to recall the sweet memories...and to appreciate them more.

2006. Our 1st lepak session together as coursemates. Definitely wasn't the last.

Inside Putra's elevator...on our way for some 'waffle & float' moment at A&W.

Model server as Ruby named this pic. It's to commemorate the server room behind us.

At DG 1.8 Lab while waiting for the lecturer...we posed for Ruby's black BenQ camera. The only camera that was available for us back then.

DG1.4 Lab at my workstation. Also called the final year lab project .

This is where the virus ketuk2 happened.

Our 1st holiday together. After the final exam, we headed to Port Dickson. Stayed for a night there.

Scrumptious dinner at Ulek Mayang.

Lunch at Italianeese, The Curve to celebrate Eda & Ruby graduation.

Breaking of fast at De'Palma Hotel, Ampang. 2006

Destressed moment after the final exam. With my ladies at Genting Highland. 2007

I is heart them.

I suffered from a neck pain during our stay there...but managed to put it aside only to not want to ruin our holiday. Choi ayat poyo!

Before the haunted house main entrance. NO we didn't go in because Jay adalah sang penakut.

Field trip to Hulu Langat, Kuala Selangor.

Sept '07. Attending the rehearsal for the G-day.

With beloved mother yang sangat tembam masa ni. I was all ready early in the morning...before the parade into the hall.

Happy faces of us. sigh I miss all the familiar faces!

A year parted from each other...we reunited on Jay & moi's G-day.

Dinner at Putrajaya to celebrate the graduation. This was the last time I met Jay before she flew off to Australia for her master. And now she's in UK doing her doctorate. Ruby; just came back from a training program in Canada. While Eda; is on her way completing her master.

Me? Jadi kuli di cafe. Well done moi, NO? Ok clearly I sense an immensely ungrateful-ness there. Redha qada & qadar-Nya Bibie oii. Insya Allah, all in good times. Thing happened for a reason...

Tetiber mood DQ...ugh please ignore that. U know well than what u said Bie. And that what matters most.

p/s: Babe, banyak giler gambar I have to be super selective. Rasa nak muntah hijau gobek all the cd-s. Regardless everything, I miss those times we've spent together. Hope u enjoyed this.


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