6 October 2010

Through the mobile it is...

If there's ever an award for The greatest Procrastinator & Loser...I would be the winner my whole life. No one could ever beat me. Rugi rugi rugi. I don't know if regret is suitable to justify the thing I did. Sigh sigh sigh ndak lama jadi kufur asyik mengeluh.

Woke up a bit late this morning. Alkisah, I've got errands to do so boleh masuk office lambat. Ngeh~ It's regarding the employees' medical check up which is needed to get their passport renewed. Woot that means I'll be going back & fro to the Indo Counsel & Phil Embassy, also the Immigration building until everything's done. Phew, part of me is loving it. I don't have to rush to the cafe & I will be sweating less. Yet there's part of me dissing the idea of being away from the Cafe. The long line, the torching sunlight, the unpleasant smell...ugh like I can choose to not go.

Back then when late aunty was still around, she'll be the one taking care of the cafe whenever I went out. Well thing has change now...I have to juggle between things at the cafe/office & things I need to settle outside. Not that I don't have Bungsu but he's never involved with the admin tasks. Afterall, he paid my salary not for nothing aight. As the boss, what else shall he do but direct. Duh, that's his scope of work. Obviously. Being the kuli, harus dengar arahan & sometimes ikut kepala sendiri.

Cafe is not as busy as the other days. Tamu gadang alkisahnyer...student prefer to go there as more choices of food available. Yalah bah, everyday pun melantak di cafe harus sekali sekala tukar selera. Ha, minggu konvo macam ni lah dapat cuci mata hitam jadi putih...lautan lelaki comel loteh berhambur before my eyes. Semangat kerja terus ah. Smiling mode automatically switched on. Hancur!! Cuci mata je...takdo koje den nak poie mengorat.

Last night went out Yoyo-ing with the sisters. Grunge was tired & Jess suffered quite a bad evening sickness...so they didn't join the weekly 'meeting'. It's only Laura, Mel & yours truly. Went home a bit late hence explain the extra hours sleep. Choi!


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