2 October 2010

Telipok-ing Makan-ing

Sebab kedatangan si menses...aku postponed niat untuk qada' puasa. And sekaligus defer my brilliant plan that is to detoxify the body system.

It means I still am in the state where I allow my tummy to suck in everything I swallowed. Told u, I am the living proof of a successful procrastinator. Insya Allah, that diet plan will take place next week. No more crossing fingers or janji palsu or whatsoever to the mind this time. Although I've lost few kilos but I just don't favor the new look of my balloon-ized tummy. Bongos!

Currently waiting for Mel & Laura to come. Not so pink news is that I haven't get myself ready. And they know how long I take to get ready. Haven't iron the apparels I'm gonna wear to a friend's open house in Telipok yet. Wah gitu 2 in 1 info aku bagi. Too lazy to lift my ass off the chair. Someone please help this slothful woman to stand up.

Dusyum! Ok gotta move now. Laura text she's on her way to my house & Mel called she's at the car park. Woot woot...beta pengsan. Linda & husband will meet us at the Mini Putrajaya complex because she is the only one who could guide us. Grunge & Rio are in Sepanggar already...attending their friend's open house. And will meet us at Fifie's house afterward.

Alhamdulillah for the rezeki though. Dari langsung ndak da makan kan. Ngeh~

Pictures uploaded after getting back from the open house.

Told u...Chief of the PPGs memang kaki segala kaki.

Linda with yours truly

Tuan Rumah; Miss Fifie is a friend back in our UiTM years.

The tukang lantaks. Grunge & Rio couldn't join us. Hence they missed this group photo. Saiko moi!


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