8 October 2010

Stefan still the best

Oh my oh my...I've been gasping for more air since last night! I almost ran out of breath trying to imagine how the cold hearted self-centered Damon in the book will be in real life.

He is indeed the responsible culprit. No no no...do NOT get me wrong. I didn't fall for him. Stefan's aura is too powerful it's extremely impossible for me to even peek at Damon. It's the time when the stone encasing his soul burst open hence releasing a great piece of him that intoxicate me. More crack on the stone. It's going to explode completely & letting the real Damon that's been kept inside; out. But Bonnie ruined everything. Just to keep the story long; alkisah nya.

Ugh peeps, it's a talking about the book I'm currently hooking with. Blissfulness. I can't seem to get my hands away from it. One helluva book I can't wait to turn to each pages. Something thirst for Elena's death & I want to know what are they. Ain't giving any spoiler here because what they filmed is totally different with what's in the book. Erk so far yang telah dilihat of course.

How I wish I have the books of Volume 1. Insya Allah akan berusaha keras mencari di Konikuniya when I come down to Kolumpur this coming Dec. The 2nd book of Volume 2; The Return: Shadow Souls...I could get at the Times bookstore in Suria Sabah. Phew I sense I have this sort of hunger for reading materials lately. Which I think is a good thing; isn't it. Note: Sila paksa angguk kepala tanda setuju ok.

3 hours before the downloading of TVD2 Episode 5 completed it's process. Adui fening aku menunggu bah. Can I just vomit yellow stuffs? The idea of waiting is such an uber agony to the soul. sigh I heard u clearly. This is not me DQing myself here...it's just me being impatient. I'll settle with the clips in youtube for the time being...to mending the queasy moi.

Ok fine...it's too short an mv. I'll go tear read the book then.


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