7 October 2010

Awal gilerrr

Seriously I didn't know
what caused the energy level
to fell unto the bottom-est
line last night

Arrived home nearly 8pm
and the last thing I did
before hitting the sack was
replying to Laura's text

Off I sailed to dreamland
at only-God-knows time

Yes I sense the indisposed behavior
crawling faster trying to invade the mind
but I can't seem to just shoo it off
because I kinda enjoyed it's company

Woke up at 4am...
it's like someone electrified me
and it was still 1 hour left
before the alarm starts buzzing

After SuPra & taking my oh-so-early shower
switched on Asus & went online ever since
nothing much I could do
except for the laundry I did halfway
last night

I didn't plan to sleep until dawn
because I was just thinking to
take a quick nap
just to rest down the weariness
No idea I will wake up
the day after

Above all...still am grateful for
being alive. Syukran ya Rab.

Moga hari ini akan lebih baik
dari semalam. Insya Allah.


4 hollered!:

Ernie Khairina said...

mmg time2 gini ai Aariz 'breakfast' sudah hehe

BibiEr Karim said...

Somehow masa publish ni..
dlm otak sy ckp sure c Ernie
komen ni awal. Hohoho I was
damn right. xx kiss c Boy!

Memel said...

No. 31 : totally agreee..things dont necessarily have to change for us to feel better. We've master the art to just face the sh** and move on! lol..muaxxs

BibiEr Karim said...

Woot ko komen wrong entry sista! Tapi bersetuju gaban with what u said. The art is ours! We came out of the shi* alive, itu yg penting kan. xx

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