22 October 2010

Psst ada ku kesah?

Assalamualaikum. Selamat sejahtera.

Huah...I have never been this furious towards private clinic but today. Ok not the clinic obviously but the doctor!!!

I was supposed to get all this Fomema medical checkup for my workers' renewal passport thingy done; by this week. But the doctor delayed everything with HIS super annoying really gets in my nerve procrastinator being. Last Fri, I called the clinic & the nurse told me that the doctor is available only on weekdays for X-ray as long as we come before 5pm. And being told so, I went there on Monday at 3pm only to be informed that the doctor asked us to come the next day; in the morning. How could he refuse to run the X-ray because he bloody needs to get home early? The nurse didn't even dare to look at me when she spoke to me. I was not in my best of mood either hence I questioned & questioned. What really gets me edgy was when the nurse said "Doctor bilang machine panas jadi mau tunggu sejuk. Pagi esok la miss". Ugh I seriously feel like throwing things my anger at her but upon realizing she's only doing what's been asked to, I decided to rest my case.

It's Fri...I'm trying to not swear & curse. But I'm getting more annoyed I think I can blow fire if I were to speak now. I'm at the clinic actually...and have been waiting for like nearly an hour for the doctor to finish his 'meeting' with a friend in the office. And guess what? I was here since 830am! Now tell me how could I not be mad? The cafe has started operating...and here I am with my workers whom 2 of them are the tukang masak.

What's with the 24hours operating signboard IF I still have to wait for eons for the doctor to be 'ready' or 'finish' his oh so important meeting. If it's really that important, he should have someone to replace him. But why make us wait? As we don't have things or works to do? We're chasing time as well. I pity those 2 men who came earlier than us. Si kawan sampai tertidur lengkap berdengkur gara2 lama menunggu. After nearly 2 hours waiting, the doctor finally finished his things & opened his door & ready to treat murder his awaiting patients.

Doktor itu adalah sangat pemalas tapir. Taking things for granted just because the clinic is a franchise...losing 1 or 2 patients still look fine to him I reckoned. Alerted the PPGs just now...warning them to not go consult the doctor for the branch in Inanam. Yes, hasutan.

After nearly 2 foolish hours of waiting...finally, urusan settle. Alhamdulillah.

Psst...kau tau Bie, tu doctor bilang "Ada aku kesah? Ada aku rugi?". Kuyaks.


6 hollered!:

Mel said...

mmg dasar bongos. kalu sya mgkin jalan sudah tu, lol.

BibiEr Karim said...

Sy xbole agkt kaki as tu yg kami kena reg with. Paksa tunggu jakla. Dlm mara tp sabar sbb as I said, Fri xbole mara2. LOL

ochs widdle said...

sudah langgar etika tu bah.

BibiEr Karim said...

Hihihi slang Sabah. Bah kena letak after tu, baru ngam.

Hmm mmg langgar etika pun. Sbb kita dah kurang doc, kenalah telan je.

ochs widdle said...

ni yang nak jadi doktor lepas ni nih.

BibiEr Karim said...

Hoho klu ko jd doctor, sila ikut etika yg btl.

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