1 October 2010

Oh my, I so love the smell
of the earth at the moment
I feel like being lulled

It's raining cats & dogs
and I was supposed to
watch Wall Street tonight

The pouring forced me
to give my movie date
a second thought

I was thinking to do laundry
fold the clothes
and off to the cinema after
all is done

yet, the melancholy sound
of the rain is like
giving me an ultimatum
to go or to not go

I have chose the latter
because this entry was published

Currently waiting for Sorority Rows
to complete downloading
and I will continue hooking myself
with the book below
just to kill the time

Woot...notice the pink bookmark?
It's my latest purchase
to accompany the book; for sure.
Ngeh ngeh ngeh~~

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Ernie Khairina said...


BibiEr Karim said...

Ngeh~mau tulis my name
at the head.

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