25 October 2010

Strumming the pain

The headache & mood swing are killing me right now. It ain't PMS anymore cause I'm currently on my cycle. Menses started last Saturday. Head been sorely painful since yesterday. Tried to shut it off during the time I was in Karambunai...but it got worst upon reaching home. Swallowing 2 tablets of Panadol* didn't help lessen the pain either. Alkisah aku telan ubat untuk flu...no wonder I felt like walking on wavy ground yesterday's evening. Floating & feeling high. Erm high as in intoxicated. Alhamdulillah nothing bad happened because I drove all the way from home to the beach to the town & back to home again. U see now what drug could do to ur system? Wah tiba2.

Talked to Laura just now. And she immensely is annoyed by most of the people in her fb. Their status(s) to be exact. Self-proclaim people whom words that came out from their mouth says otherwise. A walking contradiction. Fening.

Insya Allah we're gonna throw 2 party bashes next month. And a Day-Night Out with the PPGs. More makan session, more gatherings, more clicking sessions...I is like moment as such! Rejuvenate & refresh the ever-tired mind. Poyo!

By filling my life up with such activities, I won't have the space to whine about how boring my life is. Terisi penuh makna. Kau jangan lupa mind & soul therapy sudah.


2 hollered!:

ochs widdle said...

i lke porstan and activfast when headache.
my all-time-fav painkiller.

BibiEr Karim said...

Like ponstan too but too much consumption leads to many complications as well. Semlm salah makan ubat...haru btl hidup. Tapi best gak sebab rasa diri sgt ringan albeit the # on scale.

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