4 October 2010

E to the EUWW; M to the MODEM

WayarLimau nearly killed me just now. It went bengong for nearly an hour. Luckily it got better & I am now happy with the smooth connection. Alhamdulillah.

Currently waiting for VD Episode 4 to finish downloading. 2 more hours to go. Bliss! Been feeding the eyes with Stefan, Damon, Elena & their friends images since last week. I lost count on how many times have I watch VD Season 1. If only the files could gripe, the 'sigh' icon would have been pooping out on the screen millionth times already. Hancur.

Oh by the way, I bought something from Fifie last Sat. Yes I went to her open house...and did some shopping as well. Purchase the detox foot patches from the hostess. Too many toxins in the body deplete my energy. Hence explained the never ending headache, stomachache, insomnia bla bla bla. Seriously, u don't wanna know the whole items in my sickness-to-demolish list.

Before the vavavum effect. Abaikan ketidak kemasan pemakaian kerana malas & ngantuk.

E to the euwwwwwwwwwwww

Wore the patches for 2 nights already. The results showed the toxicity level of my body. Its so gross I wanna puke green stuffs. I couldn't bare looking at the used patches. Blame the polutions for such effect. I hope I will be able to detoxify the body from time to time. Foods I take, the air I breathe...both are the major toxin contributors for my system.

Pink news to share here. The TM* technician came to the house just before lunch hour & upgrade our Streamyx line. Thanks Mr. F for the fast upgrading service. I filled up the upgrade form last Fri. Ok TIPU, I didn't fill anything, I just signed. And later handed it over to a friend of mine who works there. And voila, less than a week to wait for it to be install.

Kamsahapnida tuan c Namron. I don't have to wait for 7 working days to be able to start using the wireless connection. Yay for that. Pasni aku online minta puji tahap gaban cipan atas katil...siap boleh golek2 gitu. Wooot wooot. Sayang modem free DLink itu.

Unlike the many modems I saw at friends' house...mine is black. Macho ok. Hitam itu gaya mutu keunggulan. Harus bangga sebab it's free. Erk.

Hidup senang hati gumbira. Toxin in the system is decreasing. And I can access the internet through the phone; at home! Sila tahu, aku adalah tidak kemampuan to subscribe connection for mobile ya. Iphone still in the wish-list, nonetheless.


4 hollered!:

namron said...

ur welkam cik BB... walaupun aku dah kena sound pasal lmbt p tmpt sepatutnya... anyway, im so glad ur happy wit ur new modem... jeles plk TM kasi d-link punya modem... mgkn pasal pakej BB deals...

BibiEr Karim said...

cik BB tu aku kan. As for pakej BB tu I assume it stands for broadbandung.

Hepi giler dpt modem baru, super macho! Thanks Man.

Anonymous said...

Beb, euw jugak.

BibiEr Karim said...

Emangnya lor dasar gitu.

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