27 October 2010


Ni lah consequence bila nafsu makan membuak2...I swallowed any kind of food. Batu pasir jak aku reject including durian & maize. I constantly feel the urge to eat & eat & eat. Erm I could put the blame on the hormone for now. It's still fluctuating...will get back to it's normal level soon. Should be after the menses I guess. Amin.

Pounding heart

Still haven't found the cause. But I really hope it's gonna be something wonderful. Because I never encounter nice experience following the symptom before. It always end up with something heart-breaking; misery; frustration bla bla bla. I pray this time it will turn out with something that bear rejoice & cheerfulness. Insya Allah.


Cousin; Ronn's big day is just around the corner. The family members started to feel the pulsation. Gila kau...he'll be the first to tie the knot among the first cousins pula tu. Will be going out this Sat with the cousin sisters to search for the attire to wear on his big day. Gold is the theme colour for the groom's side. Pingsan lah mencari kaler itu...

Also tengah perah otak untuk cari the suitable theme for Unang-Syl's baby shower party as we've never done this before. Except for Laura whom has been exposed to such 'tradition' when she was in the UK. This gonna be the first ever baby shower party among the PPGs & Posers members...and definitely isn't the last. Pioneer lah kiranya party ni kali.

Grunge's birthday bash cum house warming party is another thing I'm looking forward as well. Another makan session. Woot woot I is super like! And of course, Laura's house warming. The Grahams will be moving to their house in AiiPii right after the renovation completed. We is can't wait. It's definitely the new crib for the ladies to hang out & gathered & gossip. Yay sungguh mengujakan.

Dearest Dot's wedding this Dec in Kolumpur...is another another charging thing for moi. I went to the post office this morning; collecting the parcel Dot sent me last week. Kain pasang for my bridesmaid's dress/baju kurung. Now kena perah otak lagi untuk cari design sesuai. Yang pasti, ndak kan kasi kalah pengantin lah. Harus jangan melebey, right babe. Although I didn't quite fancy the colour green...for my dearest bebeh, aku korbankan ketidaksukaan itu. It's her big day after all.

And adrenaline pumping swiftly when the thought of me going to Kolumpur popped out. Agitated all the way because I am so gonna meet my close friends back in high school whom I haven't seen for a while. Also my uni friends. Mata sparkling...hati berbunga daisy lily bila imagine diri ini berada di sana. Wah melebey berangan.


With all the beautiful things awaiting...why should I gripe & whine about life? Ditarik balik semua tu nikmat, baru haru biru hidup. Bonggol now & then itu biasa dong...orang bilang bukan hidup namanya without hurdles & trials.


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Anonymous said...

Wait 'til ure pregnant...baru ko tau apa durian.

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