16 August 2010

Good deeds are pay cash these days

Went to Perodua* Service Centre early in the morning. And this time, it's Kens' water pump stop functioning. Oh boy I'm getting exhausted with the non-stop errors with her system. It's endless...one coming after another. So much of rough-and-tumble to maintain her. Let alone the effort needed in order to stay loyal with the local product. Hampas.

Frustrated & disappointed; that I hope could conclude what I feel right now. Enough said.

I hope she'll be release from the 'clinic' by today. Makin selalu hantar, makin banyak faulty minah tu. Perhaps, Perodua* doesn't really comply the right procedure in recruiting their technician/mechanic. Pakai taram orang bilang. Tu lah buat kerja pun semborono. Ntah lah. And although I don't fancy the brand any more, nonetheless I hope Fuchy won't turn like Kens. If thing turns out the same...potong jari lah lepas tu I''ll just sell Fuchy off & buy the non-local product. Nevermind the cost for it's worth it. Yoh lah macam bertimbun kan duit kau cik Err.

On another note, a friend from high school called just now. Inviting me to our yearly pot luck iftar at her house...and like the many previous years, I WILL NOT BE ABLE TO JOIN. Sudah tahu aku jauh nun di sini...sanggup call. Paling haru dia siap cakap; who knows miracle happens & suddenly aku sudah di Kolumpur. Ugh bengkek, tau tak Fafana?? I hate it when she enjoyed exaggerating the things they'll gonna do. Which I've missed too many. It's been years since I last joined them. Rindu serindu rindunya...*nangis air mata pink lepas ni* Sila tahu, aku sedih though I know topics nanti memang dari dulu itu je. The same old stories unquestionably will invite ketawa nan besar minah2 ex Projek tu.

Anyway, good karma embrace one soul if good deed done in this holy month & vice versa. Allah the Almighty pays cash these days. Alkisah, I found an expensive Sony mobile at the cafe last Sat. And I kept the phone at the office...hoping the owner will call. Which this morning, she did. She came straight away to the office after she hung up...with swollen & reddish eyes. I bet she had just realized her phone was missing...and went madly cried over it. After berterima kasih segala...dia pun keluar.

Not long after, she came back & handed me something. *refer to below image* Woohaa...baru jak mention mocha blended to Bungsu last Sat. And today I got the voucher. Harus bersyukur wei! Rezeki di pagi hari Isnin...1st day in the 3rd week of Aug. Syukran.

Later tonight after T, I'm going to drag mother to 1B. Wanna watch The Expandables...sekali menebus voucher di atas. Harus cepat!

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