1 August 2010

It's Stefan & I moment

The internet connection is causing me real headache right now. It keeps disconnecting. Ugh please don't dido me with my attempt to update this site.

Mother left home right after SuPra. She'll be out of town until this Weds; outstation. It means there's gonna be only me & bro at home. Boring! It's kinda weird when mother's not around. All this while I am always the 1 who left the house...either for work or leisure purposes. Lets pray I can cope with the boredom of being alone at night until mother's back. I hope I would find things to do to kill the time.

Just got back from Suria with lil cousin; Sofea. She followed me home after the kenduri last night. Bungsu will be at the graveyard early this morning for some gotong royong activity so I was asked to babysit her. Went to Wisma in the morning & bathed Kens. Headed to Suria right after luncheon at my fav cafe at Wisma. Met with Bungsu & the cousins there. Sofea & I watched The Sorcerers Apprentice while the others watched Salt. It's a good movie to watch, I would say.

Before entering the hall...I went to the Times book store. And guess what did I managed to bring home with me from the store? Yes...clever u. It's the precious thing on the right in the pic below. It's 1 of L.J Smith's collection of Vampire Diaries! And yes, I bought the 1st Volume. And I am so gonna get my hands on the 2nd Vol soon after I finish reading the 1st one.

Seems like life will be busy with reading vampire story & watching Kdrama these days. Finally, I'm doing what I enjoyed doing back then. Reading! Only this time, I switched the Malay novels to English. Mainly to enhance my rotting vocabs & grammars. I so need to better my Eng.

And I also think that I need to learn Korean Language. Doesn't it obvious to u already that I literally have fallen in love with everything about Korea? I go gaga every time I saw Korean(s) in real life! And believe it or not...I chased them just to hear them talked. Aku mengejar dengan cara cute...bukan terang benderang. Arasso?

So I guess this is it. I need to go now. VD Nightfall is calling.

Hidup ini indah andai tahu menghargai setiap anugerah Nya. Setiap yang susah itu pasti disusuli dengan gembira.

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CrazieSexaCool said...

PH 2 siok ka?? i bought the CD and watch for 1st 30 mins.. trus i doozed off.. hehehehe.. ohh.. I bought season 1 Vamp Diaries.. siok ka tuu?? sa lum start g.. Hehe.. alalaaa.. abis ba Korean drama ko sapu.. so, wat's nex on ur list?

BibiEr Karim said...

1. So far I enjoyed PH 2. Tapi tu kesiokan PH 1 masih dlm otak so ada mau compare skit2 la while watching the spin-off Goong S.

2. U bought the book ka u mean? Wahh sy mau teriak kuat2!! Siok as in siok. But that's me being over excited, xtau ko suka ka x. For me it's cooler than Twilight la. *die*

3. Wakakakakak manada abis sapu. Sy mau beli tu Spring Waltz, Que Sera Sera, My Fair Lady, Witch Yoo Hee...ugh byk lg. Pingsan bah trus ni.

CrazieSexaCool said...

hahaha.. ohh noo.. i mean the drama.. hehe.. the book lum dpt bili :p

well nywz, Spring Waltz & Que Sera2: lum tingu (update me ah :p ), My fair lady: pun ok2, Witch YH: lum abis tingu.. hehehe.. Oh! My Lady ko suda tingguu?? siok juga ohh.. hehe

ps: M anxiously w8g for ur Fuchy.. Hehe :p

BibiEr Karim said...

Oh u bought the drama. Wow siok. Sy minta dari c Grunge sija.

My Fair Lady ok2? Hmmm itu kena skip la beli. Later pun xpa. Yg sy btl2 mau tgk Que Sera2. Yup My Lady mmg siok. Kin sakit perut tgk.

Later smpi Fuchy I will let u know. No worries!

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